Dr Kim Taesik

Lecturer in Communication and Media studies
School of Arts and Social Sciences

Room 2-6-16

Tae-Sik Kim received his Ph.D. in 2012 from the University of Oklahoma, USA. Since then, he has taught at Masaryk University in Brno, the Czech Republic. As part of the European mobility program he has given lectures at the University of Success (UK), the University of Valladolid (Spain), the University of Coimbra (Portugal), the University of Bologna (Italy), and Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania). He was also invited to Waseda University (Japan) as a visiting scholar. With Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Korea) he has served as a lecturer at its international summer school and an external researcher. He is currently the editor-in-chief of a research journal Mediální studia / Media Studies (https://www.medialnistudia.fsv.cuni.cz/en/). His research interests span transnational communication, urban placemaking, visual semiotics, global mobility, and East Asian media cultures. His research works have appeared in the Journal of Intercultural Studies, Geoforum, Asia Pacific Migration Journal, Citizenship, Visual Communication Quarterly, and others.


PhD University of Oklahoma

MA State University of New York at Buffalo

BA Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul

Research Interests

His research areas include urban communication, visual communication, and transnational communication. His work focuses on human-urban-media dynamics. His recent publications include the discursive urban landscape of a Chinese diasporic place in Seoul, Korea. He also completed a research study on Vietnamese urban representation in Prague, Czech Republic. As a semiotician, he has also analyzed the discursive meaning of the face mask in the context of Korean society facing the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, he published an article on the visual meaning-making process in a globally networked social movement group. Since the dissertation research on Korean unaccompanied adolescents in the US, he has conducted studies on globally mobile people including Vienamese people in the Czech Republic with a specific focus on their digital media practices.

Research Projects 

Currently, he is conducting an urban landscape study in Seoul, South Korea. The study focuses on the commercialization of an urban place and its relationship with the digital media practices of visitors.

He is also working on a study about the social media representation of Vietnamese people during the Covid-19 pandemic in the Czech Republic.


He has taught a wide range of media and communication courses, such as urban communication, transnational media and culture, political economy of media, social media research, visual communication, and East Asian media studies. He has also given guest lectures on visual semiotics, diasporic media practices, urban visual representations, and so on at the University of Valladoild (Spain), the University of Sussex (UK), and the University of Coimbra(Portugal), Waseda University (Japan), Hanyang University (Korea) and so on.

Professional memberships

European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA)



Kim, T-S & Jung, E (2019). Talking City: Urban communication of Brno, Czech Republic [in Korean, 말하는 도시]. Monocle, Seoul, South Korea.

Journal Articles

Kim, T-S (2021) Mythologizing the Face Mask: How protective covers became political during the fine-dust and COVID-19 crises in South Korea, International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics. 17(2). 97-117.  https://doi.org/10.1386/macp_00044_1

Kim, T-S (2021) Center and Margin on the Margin: A Study of the Multilayered (Korean) Chinese Migrant Neighborhood in Daerim-dong, South Korea, Geoforum. 120, 165-175. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.geoforum.2021.01.027

Kim, T-S (2020). Young Migrant Vietnamese in the Czech Republic Reflect Diasporic Contexts in Their Identification of Cultural Proximity with Korean Media, Journal of Intercultural Studies. 41:4, 524-539, DOI: 10.1080/07256868.2020.1779199

Kim, T-S (2018). Current trends in the dissemination of journalistic information [Současné trendy v šíření novinářských informací], Nadační fond nezávislé žurnalistiky (Foundation for Independent Journalism). http://mapamedii.cz/trendy_cs/index.html?fbclid=IwAR0PJMk5ALIq3TibUJtG5MSx5G14-zI5Y8y3AVZu8na5YZMvaCtFXJdayKw

Meirick, P. C., Nisbett, G. S., Harvell-Bowman, L. A., Harrison, K. J., Jefferson, M. D., Kim, T. S., & Pfau, M. W. (2018). To Tell the Truth: Ad Watch Coverage, Ad Tone, and the Accuracy of Political Advertising. Political Communication, 1-20

Kim, T-S (2016). Transnational communication practices by unaccompanied Korean young students in the United States, Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 25(2). 148-167.

Kim, T-S & Kim, Y-M (2016) Who are (not) Koreans?: A content analysis on Korean news media practices covering Korean American individuals’ success, Citizenship Studies,  20(3-4). 490-509.

Kim, T-S. (2015) Defining the Occupy Movement: Visual analysis of Facebook profile images posted by local Occupy Movement group, Visual Communication Quarterly, 22 (3). 174-186.

Kim, T-S. (2015). Living in a transnational room: Transnational online communication by unaccompanied Korean adolescents in the United States, International Journal of Child, Youth, and Family Studies, 6 (4), 689-708

Book Chapters

Kim, T-S (2020). Finding Larger Transnational Media Markets: Media Practices of the Vietnamese Diasporic Community. In: Szczepanik, P. (eds.). Digital Peripheries: The Online Circulation of Audiovisual Content from the Small Market Perspective. Berlin: Springer.

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Areas of Research & Supervision

Urban Communication (Urban placemaking & landscape)

Visual communication (Visual interpretations)

Transnational - Diasporic Communication

Korean media studies

Discourse studies (Semiotics)

Postgraduate (Monash University)


Postgraduate (Other Universities)

Martina Paulenová (Masaryk University)

Political memes meet political views. Understanding reading mechanisms behind internet phenomenon


Lucia Pekárová (Masaryk University)

Cultural Identity of Youth Media Consumers in the Age of Globalism and Post-Television Culture


Andrea Benedeková (Masaryk University)

Media Literacy and Media Practices within the Slovak church community Cirkev Bratská


Pavlína Hornová (Masaryk University)

A Better Self(ie): The role of visual social media content in today's understanding of physical beauty


Viktória Bellová  (Masaryk University)

Urban communication of Berlin through Movies


Eva Kolovrátková (Masaryk University)

‘Tasty Korean Drama’: The Cultural Consequences of the Consumption of Korean TV Drama by Czech Audiences


Irena Menšíková (Masaryk University)

Perception of political satire in Turkey by Turkish university students


Kristina Kolovrátková (Masaryk University)

Beauty Unlimited. The perception of physical appearance and attitudes towards cosmetic surgery in South Korea: A Question of sociocultural values and media exposure



2021 Special Award, (Seoul City Mayor’s Award) Human, City, Design Students Workshop Hosted by Seoul Design Foundation. Role: Advisor (http://workshop.humancitydesignaward.or.kr/project/29)

2020-2021 Discursive Urban Landscapes and Urban Media Representations, Book Publication Grant supported by Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea