Dr Kyle Moore

Lecturer in Communication and Media studies
School of Arts and Social Sciences

Room 2-6-16

Dr Kyle Moore is a Lecturer in Communication and Media studies as Monash University Malaysia. He researches playful and playable mobile and locative media. He was awarded a PhD from the University of Sydney in 2018, where he studied location-based gaming practices situated within their sociocultural and material circumstances. Drawing from ethnographic observations of location-based games Ingress and Pokémon Go, his research further develops the concept of situated play to understand this emerging commercial phenomenon.

Dr Moore research’s digital gaming and mobile media and is currently exploring how forms of locative and mobile media may be thought of as ‘playful media’. Recently, he has been an integral member of a collaborative research team investigating the formation of children’s gaming culture and the shifting popularity and controversy around young people’s digital gaming habits.


PhD (Media and Communications) The University of Sydney, Australia

MRes Arts (Media and Communications) UNSW Sydney, Australia

BA Hons. Arts (Media and Communications) UNSW Sydney, Australia

Research Interests

Dr Moore’s research interests are the everyday and situated use of mobile technology and digital gaming.


Dr Moore has taught media studies extensively, with a focus on introduction to digital and mobile media, and gaming technologies. He currently teaches Introduction to Internet Studies, Digital Society, and Youth and Mobile Media.

Publications (recent)

Journal Articles

Carter, M., Moore, K., Mavoa, J., gaspard, l., and Horst, H. (2020) ‘Children’s Perspectives and Attitudes Toward Fortnite ‘Addiction’’, Media International Australia. Article first published online: June 3, 2020;

Carter, M., Moore, K., Mavoa, J., Horst, H, and gaspard, l. (2020) ‘Situating the Appeal of Fortnite Within Children’s Changing Play Cultures’, Games & Culture Article first published online: March 31, 2020

Apperley, T and Moore, K. (2019) ‘Haptic ambience: Ambient play, the haptic effect and co-presence in Pokémon GOConvergence, Special Issue: Haptic Play, Larissa Hjorth (Ed.), Ingrid Richardson (Ed.) Article first published online: November 25, 2018

Moore, K. (2018) ‘Sort Mii Out: Learning to Value Portable Gaming Encounters through Nintendo’s Streetpass Software’ Games & Culture. 13(6). Article first published online: March 2, 2016;

Moore, K. (2015) ‘Painting the Town Blue and Green: Curating Street Art through Urban Mobile Gaming’ Media/Culture Journal, 18 (4).

Moore, K. (2014) ‘The Passenger and the Player: Blowtooth and the Subversion of Airport Space’ Media Fields Journal (8).

Moore, K. (2013) ‘Through the Screen: Deconstructing Spatial Dualism in Augmented Reality Games’ Scan Journal of Media Arts Culture. 10 (2).

Book Chapters

Moore, K. (2021) ‘Playful Mobility and Playable Infrastructures in Smart Cities’. Games and Play in the Creative, Smart and Ecological City, (Ed.) Dale Leorke & Marcus Owens, Routledge

Moore, K. (2017) ‘Pintando a Cidade de Azul e Verde: A Curadoria de Arte de Rua através de Jogos Móveis Urbanos’ Metagame: Panoramas dos Game Studies no Brasil, (T. Falcão, trans.) Thiago Falcão (Ed.), Daniel Marques (Ed.), da Comunicação – INTERCOM, São Paulo - SP – Brasil pp. 275-290

Moore, K. (2017) ‘Playing with Portals: Re-thinking Urban Environments with Ingress’ Analog Game Studies: Volume II, Evan Torner (Ed.), Emma Leigh Waldron (Ed.)., Aaron Trammell (Ed.), Carnegie Mellon: ETC Press, Pittsburgh, PA pp. 195-206

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Areas of Research & Supervision

Dr Moore’s areas of supervision are in digital media and cultures, with an emphasis on mobile technology, locative media, and game studies.

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