Dr. Tan Meng Yoe

Lecturer in Communication
School of Arts and Social Sciences

+603 5514 4449
Room 2-6-36

Dr Tan Meng Yoe is a lecturer of communication and the Master in Communications and Media Studies coordinator at Monash University Malaysia. His research expertise is in the field of online religion, with related interests in politics and religion in Malaysia.

He completed his PhD with Monash University Malaysia in 2013 after being awarded the Higher Degree by Research Scholarship in 2010. His thesis, The Digital Church: Urban Malaysian Christian Experiences in Cyberspace, was on the subject of online Christianity in Malaysia.

He is the co-founder of the Southeast Asia Internet Researchers Network (SEAIRN), a platform established in 2016 to bring together researchers of the internet in the region for networking and research collaborations. This initiative was following the inaugural Internet in Southeast Asia: Power and Society symposium, in which he served as co-chair.


PhD (Arts, Monash University)

BA (Hons) (Communication, Monash University)

Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (Monash University)

Research Interests

Dr Tan Meng Yoe’s ongoing research is a study on how internet practices shape religious and political communication among Malaysians in individual, institutional, and national socio-political contexts. More broadly, he is curious about the concept of “reality” in cyberspace, and whether spirituality can be experienced online.

He has studied blogging as expression and experience of spirituality; inter/intra-religious engagement and structures of religious communities in Malaysian social-media spaces, and more. He is currently researching migrant use and experiences of the internet for spiritual development.

He is also active in researching the role of the media in political communication in Malaysia, having recently completely a study of political representation in mainstream newspapers in the 14th Malaysian General Elections.

Research Projects

Spiritual Migration: Online Christianity Among Non-Malaysians in Malaysia

This project looks at how non-Malaysians who are Christians and living in Malaysia utilise the internet for religious purposes, be it looking for Christian content, staying in touch with the church community from the home country, looking for new networks in Malaysia, and more. The project studies how these online activities may play a part in the continuing development of one’s Christian faith in a foreign land.

Newspaper Coverage of Political Parties During the GE14 Campaign

This study focuses on the of representation of political parties in the mainstream media during Malaysia’s 14th general elections. The study was conducted on the print versions of Malaysia’s four English and Malay language newspapers over the eleven-day campaign period. The analysis focuses on the frequency of coverage of the various political parties/coalitions; how they are framed, and the core issues raised in the lead-up to the election.

Mediatized Religion: Online Religious Communities in Malaysia

The primary objective of this research project is to examine the ways in which social media serves as a platform for inter-religious engagement in Malaysia. This project also looks at how socio-political issues in Malaysia are presented in social media groups, and how dissent and ideologically authority is established in an online community.

Communities of (Un)Believers: Facebook and Religion in Malaysia

My interest is in how Malaysian Christian communities organize in an online environment, and what sort of interactions take place in these spaces. It involved researching social networking sites, like Facebook, where communities of like-minded believers are gathered easily to share content, express their beliefs, and develop social ties over time.


Dr Tan Meng Yoe engages in the development of education innovations through his participation in the Active Learning Taskforce on campus, which plans the development of new learning spaces that are suitable to the fast evolving education environment.

In the classroom, he has successfully integrated active learning, innovative use of technology, and old-fashioned teaching into his curriculum. He has also participated in the popular “In Search Of...” study trips around Southeast Asia that promotes cultural learning and application of skills among students.

He is also actively involved in education research. Along with three other researchers, we received two research grants from the Monash University Malaysia Better Learning Better Teaching (BTBL) initiative and the Monash Education Academy to conduct a campus wide study on student and teacher expectations on assessment support and feedback. It is their hope that this study will enhance education experience of both teachers and students alike.


Tan, M.Y. (2020) Malaysian Christians Online: Faith, Experience, and Social Engagement on the Internet, Springer, Singapore. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-15-2833-0

Book Chapters

Tan, M.Y. (forthcoming in 2020) “The Blog as a Platform for Spiritual Heritaging and Family Reconciliation: A Case Study”, in Gomes C., Kong L. and Woods O. (eds) Religion, Hypermobility and Digital Media in Global Asia: Faith, Flows, and Fellowship, Amsterdam University Press In Press.

Tan, M.Y. (2018) “Facebook and the Mediatization of Religion: Inter/Intra-Religious Dialogue in Malaysia”, in Radde-Antweiler, Kerstin, and Xenia Zeiler (eds), Mediatized Religion in Asia: Studies on Digital Media and Religion, 1st Edition, Routledge

Tan, M.Y. (2014) “Malaysian Christians Online: Online/Offline Networks of Everyday Religion”, in Maj, Anna (ed) Post-Privacy Culture: Gaining Social power in Cyber-Democracy, Inter-disciplinary Press, Oxford.

Tan, M.Y. (2013) “Malaysian Christians Online: Online/Offline Spiritual Interactions and Integration”, in Maj, Anna (editor) Cyberculture Now: Social and Communication Behaviours on the Web, Inter-disciplinary Press, Oxford.

Tan, M.Y. (2012) “Negotiating the Liberties and Boundaries of Malaysian Online Christianity: Case Studies”, in Hopkins, Julian and Julian Lee (editors), Thinking Through Malaysia: Culture and Identity in the 21st Century, SIRD Publications, Puchong.

Journal Article

Yang, L., Borrowman, L., Tan, M. Y., & New, J. Y. (2019). Expectations in Transition: Students’ and Teachers’ Expectations of University in International Branch Campus. Journal of Studies in International Education. https://doi.org/10.1177/1028315319861348

Tan, M. Y. (2016). Authenticity in Online Religion: An Actor-Network Approach. International Journal of Actor-Network Theory and Technological Innovation (IJANTTI), 8(1), 44-54. doi:10.4018/IJANTTI.2016010104

Conference Proceedings

Tan, M.Y. (2012) “Malaysian Christianity and New Media: Evaluating Freedom of Expression”, in Mohd Hazim Shah and Saliha Hassan (editors), Proceedings of the 8th International Malaysian Studies Conference: Transition and Transformation – State, Market, and Culture in a Period of Rapid Change, Malaysian Social Science Association, Malaysia.

Tan, M.Y. (2007) “Reality and Subjectivity: Digital Films as Cyborg Texts in a Post-Modern World”, in Hoofd, Ingrid Maria, Tan, Margaret, and Katharine Ho Kit Ying (editors), Proceedings of ISEA 2008: 14th International Symposium of Electronic Arts, ISEA2008, Singapore.

Book Review

Tan, M.Y. (2011) “Material Religion and Popular Culture”, E. Frances King (2012) in Journal of Royal Anthropological Institute, Volume 17(2), p.424

Other Publications

“Mastering Media and Communications”, The Sun Daily, 30 October 2018
“#GE14 Real or Not? News on Social Media and Instant Messaging Platforms”, Monash University Malaysia, 2018
“The Internet as a Mirror”, Monash University Malaysia, 28 November 2017
“Becoming an Expert”, The Sun Daily, 28 November 2017
“More Than Meets the Eye”, The Star, 17 November 2017
“Can Religion Come First?” Monash University Malaysia, 12 Feb 2016

Tan, M.Y., Koh, C.A., 2018, Newspaper Coverage of Political Parties During the GE14 Campaign, School of Arts and Social Sciences Seed Grant, RM1080

Tan, M.Y., 2018, Spiritual Migration: Online Christianity Among Non-Malaysians in Malaysia, School of Arts and Social Sciences Seed Grant, RM5255

New, J.Y., Lin, Y., Borrowman, L., Tan, M.Y., 2016 Investigating students’ Expectations on assessment Support and Feedback: A cross-Disciplinary Perspective, Better Teaching Better Learning (Monash University  Malaysia), RM35,000

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Tan, M.Y., 2016, Communities of (Un)Believers: Facebook and Religion in Malaysia, School of Arts and Social Sciences Seed Grant, RM4000

Areas of Research & Supervision

Dr Tan’s area of supervision is in the area of communication and media studies. He is particularly interested in internet studies in relation to religion, politics, Malaysian studies, or other sub-field within the scope of media and communications.

Postgraduate (Monash University)


Mehvar Khan (with main supervisor Dr Joel D Moore)

Media and Political Attitudes in Malaysia: Fake news and its impact on the political opinions and attitudes of Malaysians


Roy Chua Kwee Cheng (with main supervisor Associate Professor Yeoh Seng Guan)

The loss of capital in school consolidation

2017- present

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