Mr Koh Chien Aun

Teaching Fellow in Global Studies
School of Arts and Social Sciences
+603 5514 6000 
Room 2-6-038

Mr. Koh Chien Aun is a teaching fellow in Global Studies at Monash University Malaysia. He graduated with an MA in Arts exploring Malaysia's history textbooks and the role they played in shaping national identity. His interests are in Malaysian identity politics and history. He has appeared on BFM: The Business Radio Station to talk about aspects of Malaysia’s history textbooks here.

He is an avid lover of history and the way meaning is derived through material culture.


MA (Arts) University Malaya

BA (Hons) (Global Studies) Monash University

Research Interests

Mr. Koh has interests in political and national identity formation. His honours thesis explored the biases of Malaysia’s online newspaper coverage during a general election. His master’s thesis was in the exploration of Malaysian history textbooks and their role in identity formation.

Research Projects 

Newspaper Coverage of Political Parties During the GE14 Campaign

This study focuses on the representation of political parties in the mainstream media during Malaysia’s 14th general elections. The study was conducted on the print versions of Malaysia’s four English and Malay language newspapers over the eleven-day campaign period. The analysis focuses on the frequency of coverage of the various political parties/coalitions; how they are framed, and the core issues raised in the lead-up to the election.


Mr. Koh has lectured and tutored extensively in the Monash School of Arts and Social Sciences as a sessional staff from (2014-2018) and briefly in Sunway University’s School of Arts (2017). From 2019-2022 he taught Global Studies and Contemporary Issues in the Monash Foundation Year (MUFY) in Sunway College. Today he assists in teaching the first years in the Global Studies major.

Throughout this period, he has covered various subjects such as history, conflict, globalisation, policy, and governance. Of interest in particular are how these fields are intertwined.

He strongly believes in education, both formal and informal, as important aspects of the human experience and is thus, lifelong. He takes great satisfaction in broadening the minds of his students while being relatable in broaching difficult subject matters. This is often through a mixture of pop culture references, videos, and face-to-face discussions.

Journal articles

Koh, C.A., and Sivachandralingam Sundara Raja (2015) ‘From Kerajaan (Kingdom) to Kerajaan (Government)’, Sejarah, 24 (2).

Book chapters
Koh, C.A., (2013) ‘Pulai, Johor: A Tale of Two Coalitions’, Electoral Dynamics in Malaysia: Findings from the Grassroots, (Singapore: ISEAS and Kuala Lumpur: SIRD, pp.153-166).

Internal grant

Tan, M.Y., Koh, C.A., 2018, Newspaper Coverage of Political Parties During the GE14 Campaign, School of Arts and Social Sciences Seed Grant, RM1080

Areas of Research & Supervision

Dr Chrishandra Sebastiampillai is interested in supervising research in the following areas: film stardom and celebrity, representations of race and identity in cinema, Philippine cinema and Southeast Asian cinema.

Postgraduate (Monash University)

Gwendolyn Bellinger (with main supervisor Assoc. Prof. Andrew Ng Hock Soon)

A Ghostly Inheritance: The Cultural Legacy of Spectres in Postcolonial Literature.


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