Dr Melissa Wong Yuet Fun

Assistant Lecturer & Coordinator for Diploma of Higher Education Studies

Email: melissa.wong@monash.edu
Telephone No: +603  5514 6000 (extn. 61541)
Fax No: + 603 5514 6365
Room No: 2-6-05

EdD, (Higher Education, University of Liverpool UK)
MEd (Education (TESOL), Monash University, Australia)
BComm. (Hons.),(Media Studies and Writing, Monash University, Malaysia)
Melissa Wong's research interests are in the areas of higher education policies, practices, developments and trends in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Other than that, I have investigated and evaluated using practitioner research, the efficacy of university pathway/access programmes in terms of skills and knowledge transfer. She is currently working in a populism and higher education research cluster in the School, and is pursuing other minor research interests in student motivation in higher education, the role of Malaysian primary and secondary education on pathways into higher education in Malaysia, and higher education research methods including action research and case studies. She also coordinates the Diploma in Higher Education Studies program at Monash Malaysia.
Research interests
1. Literacy transfer of South Asian students to international learning contexts
  • How English language reading and writing skills are acquired in South Asian contexts i.e. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India
  • Bridging the gap between primary and secondary school literacies and learning in higher education in overseas contexts
  • The extent to which A levels, International Baccalaureate and other preparatory programs for higher education prepare South Asian students for higher learning in foreign contexts
2. Writing curriculums in the field of Computer Science
  • Computer Science Students' receptiveness to writing modules in university
  • Their perceived usefulness for their future careers in information technology and computer science 
  • What to teach and how to teach writing to IT students
3. Higher education systems in Southeast Asia
  • Institutional hierarchies
  • Leadership
  • Library, information technology and infrastructure systems of universities in SEA
4. Biases and South Korean variety TV programs
Current Research and Writing Projects
I am currently working on the formation of literacies in South Asian primary and secondary school systems and the extent to which they prepare prospective students seeking international higher learning opportunities overseas in Australia, Malaysia, the UK etc. Using qualitative methodologies, I seek to find out what type of academic reading and writing capacities they are able to bring to foreign learning classrooms. 
I am also working on a project that looks at the receptiveness of computer science students to writing curriculums at university. 
My ongoing research involves higher education systems including institutional values, leadership and decision-making by higher education leaders in Southeast Asia, and general developments and trends in Southeast Asian universities.

Book Chapters

Wong, M. (2009). On Malaysia Boleh. In J. Lee (Ed.) Malaysian Way of Life (pp. 28-30). Selangor: Marshall Cavendish.

Journal Articles

Lee, C.H., Wong, C.H., Yeoh, S.G., Wong, M. (2010). Elections, Repertoires of Contention and Habitus in Four Civil Society Engagements in Malaysia’s 2008 General Elections. Journal of Social, Cultural and Political Protest, 9 (3), 293-309.

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