Arts Alumni National Day Celebrations

The School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) Alumni Association has once again successfully organized an alumni event at the Monash University Student Association lounge on the 9th September 2017.

Alumni group photo 1

Although this was not a Colgate commercial, everyone smiled their brightest as they met with their friends from SASS.

Alumni reminisced about their time sharing and facing obstacles together as friends in Monash University Malaysia.

Events like this help busy professionals to reconnect. As Association Chair Lim Zhen Hui noted, “Some of us might not be able to get together that easily.”

As the event was filled with laughter and smiles, there was only one thing left for the alumni to settle into the environment. Food.

The food was provided by the Picha Project, a social enterprise that provides catered Asian delicacies prepared by refugees.

As the alumni were seated and feasted on their food, the performers took their cue to begin the performances.

The Matchas band provided the lounge with a uniquely Malaysian ambiance, performing classic Malay melodies.

The performances continued with an alumnus performing poetry on the importance of mother nature while another awed the audience with her speedy portrait painting skills.

As the event came to an end, several group photos were taken before the alumni bid their farewells

Alumni photos