What our graduates say


Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (2018)

"Monash has equipped me with various of soft skills i.e. communications, problem solving, critical thinking and interpersonal skills, and especially being culturally literate in a diverse and international setting."


Aw Yuong Tuck

Master of Communications and Media Studies

"I believe that the course I took was designed to make everyone a critical thinker. It is full of writing, understanding, reading and discussions. The best part was discovering new concepts or theories that could help me understand myself and the world better."


Laura Ireen Liew

Master of Communications and Media Studies

"The most useful experience I had from my studies in Monash Malaysia is presentation skills. Most of the units in the MCMS course required major presentations."

Lim Sheng Feixiang

Degree in Marketing and Degree in Communications (Double Degree Program)

"The school also organised a study trip to Vietnam where we were tasked to document the journey in various formats – written word, pictures, and video. This turned out of be one of the best experiences I had to date."
Lim SFeixiang 
Lee Min Hui

Bachelor of Arts (Global)

"The nature of the degree I took allowed me to think critically. It made a huge difference to how I began to see the world because I began to dissect and create my own critical takeaways from situations."

Master of Communications and Media Studies (2016)

"My Master’s Degree exposed me to the theoretical frameworks underpinning communications in the real world, giving me new insights into how to communicate more effectively with people across all strata of society."

Sarah Salah

Bachelor of Communication (2016)

"It has prepared me to always stay on top of my game and if I disagree about something to “SPEAK UP”.

Nur Amalina Khairul Anuar 

Bachelor of Arts (Global) (2016)

"My time at Monash Malaysia prepared me for the working world by equipping me with skill sets that are not only marketable and relevant, but also proprietary and irreplaceable."

Lee Chui Teng

Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (2016)

"My education in Monash has equipped me with an arsenal of skills that would help me transition from university to working life."

Mark Prakash Rao

Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (2016)

"My classes at Monash made me more open to sharing my work and exposed me to the valuable experience journalism offers."

Lydia Gitanjali Thiagarajah

Bachelor of Arts (Global) (2016)

"I have improved my communication and language skills during my studies at Monash Malaysia. I have also developed critical thinking skills and research skills that benefit me greatly in my work."

Pamela Choo

Bachelor of Arts (2015)

"The Bachelor of Arts program is coursework-based as well, and it definitely trains you to be on top of your assignments. This time management skill has been useful at work!"

Rohini Rajadorai

Master of Communications and Media Studies (2015)

"The course structure encouraged the examination of various theories and how they relate to our current climate. This meant having to hone my research and analytic skills to make the connection between the two."

Myron Stewart

Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (2015)

"Studying at Monash has expanded my horizons through its rigorous but rewarding academic program."

Khoo Di Sheng @ Dixon

Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) (2014)

"My communications course taught me fundamental theories on how people function in society and how they think."
Kimberly Wan Mei Wah

Bachelor of Arts & Social Science (2014)

"SASS degree gave me was the opportunity to broaden my horizons intellectually by giving me the chance to learn and critically dissect events that occurred in the real world."

Ameer Sobhan

Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) (2014)

"MUM exceeded all the expectations I had in terms of my education. Not only were my teachers extremely well-versed in their fields, they were surprisingly approachable, understanding and appreciative of the different background of students that MUM tends to attract."


Muhammad Shahrman Nayan

Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) 2014

"My course of studies has also equipped me with a mind that is no more just typical of reacting to the changes around me but to also be an actor of positive change to the material practice of my craft (Media, Culture, Power: Dr Yeoh)".


Stephanie Chua

Bachelor of Communications (2014)

"Critical thinking is one element which I consider to have helped me great deal in my work life."

Crystal Lim Wan Ying

Masters in Communications and Media Studies (2014)
Bachelor in Arts (Communication and Writing) (2013)

"The masters qualification has managed to give me a greater insight of the world, offering me a deeper glimpse of the actions and behaviour of people beyond just the undergraduates."

Chong Ai Rene

Masters of Communications and Media Studies (2014)
Bachelor of Arts (2012)

Studying in a diverse environment has made me more culturally sensitive and open-minded when it comes to something new or foreign.”

Anindya Widita

Masters of Communications and Media Studies (2014)

"My study in Monash has certainly helped develop and improve my organisational, communication, and research skills, which are important in my current profession."

Helen Sneha Jambunatan

Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) (2013)
Honours degree of Bachelor of Arts (2014)

“University broadened my horizons in a way I had never imagined possible.”

Tay Siao Lin

Honours degree of Bachelor of Communications (2015)

“Monash experience has prepped me with the required tools to facilitate that transition quite well - we juggle assignments and tight deadlines all the time, and are consistently held to a standard to never compromise the quality of our work/deliverables."

Jaina Umesh Chandwany

Bachelor of Communication (2014)

"Most remarkably, Monash really opened up my mind to the community and world, at large."

Alicia Kabay

Master of Communications and Media Studies (2014)

"The main reason I chose to join the Master of Communications and Media Studies program in Monash Malaysia was because it allowed me to obtain an Australian degree from a world renowned university at an affordable rate."

Seow Choon Hui

Master of Communications and Media Studies (2014) 

"Monash has tailored its curriculum, specifically the Faculty of Arts, to leverage on the critical and analytical aspects of its students as well as their resourcefulness in conducting research."

Peter Gan Chong Beng

Doctor of Philosophy - Arts (2014)

"My studies at Monash has contributed quite substantially to my academic career in terms of providing me invaluable opportunities for research and for scholarly discussions with my supervisor."

Tania Wee Tien Ning

Master of Communications and Media Studies (2013)

"Our lecturers were flexible enough to allow Malaysian case studies in our discussions."

Zakiah Syerina Balqis binti Taha

Master of Communications and Media Studies (2013)

“The culture of learning in Monash Malaysia is different from any local university that I have attended previously. Here, they gave students a chance to speak up their ideas.”

Nor Arlinda Mohamed Khalid

Doctor of Philosophy - Arts (2013)

"I took a few years off from work to further my PhD studies. The opportunities to work with some of the best lecturers and students at Monash have given me better perspectives about the real world. The experience was both rewarding and meaningful when I re-entered the workforce."

Paulista Bunga Surjadi

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (2012)

“The School of Arts and Social Sciences allowed me to be more critical in seeing the world, hence gaining more depth and creativity that I use at work.”

Savani Jayasooriya

Bachelor of Arts (Global) (2012)

My life and experience in Monash didn’t only prepare me for my career and the working world, but also prepared me for life outside my career.

Mohammed Shaffiq Bin Sarudin

Bachelor of Arts (Global) (2012)

The lecturers have always been helpful and friendly, doing their best to help us realise our fullest potential.

Sha-Lene Pung

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (2012)

"The professors in Monash are well-travelled and highly knowledgeable, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the support, encouragement, and confidence they gave me back in my university days."

Syahirah Anwar

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (2012)

"Studying in Monash helped me step out of my comfort zone."

Natasha Shakira Agaki

Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) (2012)

"Now working in a diplomatic mission, I have been inspired by strong professional figures to embark on a career path of diplomacy as a way of connecting governments and people by bridging cultural gaps."

Abeer Yusuf

Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Cultural Studies) (2012)

"My time at Monash helped me add value to my skills – both in writing, and self-esteem. I was much more confident in my ability to present myself to the outside, ‘adult’ world, much happier and satisfied."

Sharkshini Mathivanan

Bachelor of Arts (2012)

"The university’s commitment to independent study ethics, strong emphasis on the balance of work and leisure improved my ability to manage stress and appreciate work/life balance."

Ashikin Hashim

Bachelor of Communication (2011)

"It has taught me the value of teamwork, sharing ideas and also collaborating successfully as a team. Also, in terms of mentality, and applying a global mindset and ideas to every single problem. This is uniquely Monash."

Master of Arts (Cultural Studies) (2011)
Bachelor of Communication (2006)

“Monash deconstructed me and reconstructed me to who I am today.”

Rushanka Janani Ratnayake

Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (2015)

"My course work and other project activities have helped me become a better team player and to synchronise my strengths with my colleagues to achieve exceptional results."

Saida Lulu

Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in International Studies and Communication (2011)

I had great and supportive lecturers while at Monash. Well, the teaching methods were amazing.

Aishath Aileen Niyaz

Bachelor of Arts (Communication/ International Studies) (2011)

Monash taught me to think critically, and to use my own analytical skills to analyse information presented to me and make my own judgements, rather than to consume what is presented to me without question.

Anthea Haryoko

Bachelor of Communication (2010)

"Monash Malaysia has taught me how to think critically, write persuasively, and speak clearly. These are lifelong skills that prime you for a promising career in any workplace environment no matter what industry or sector."

Farlina Md Said

Bachelor of Arts (2010)

"Monash University nurtured a curious mind in an open learning environment that consists of warm staff members, open academic staff, well-constructed school syllabus and also welcoming peers."

Melanie Alyssa Chalil

Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Communications) (2010)

"The courses I undertook in Monash has without a doubt shaped my perspective about the world we live in and our interconnected relationship with each other within a global community."

Rachel Tan Yen Lyn

Bachelor of Communication (2009)

“While the subjects are relatable to what I am currently doing, the student experience has taught me to be more resilient and adaptable to change.”

Camelia Harahap

Bachelor of Communication (2009)

"In terms of knowledge and skills, it has honed my critical thinking and analysis skills, and with the abundance of opportunities available for me to take on during my study, it has really helped in shaping my personal and professional growth, reassuring me with what I envision as my future career."

Ann Lee Seok Li

Bachelor of Arts (2008)

"Studying in Monash gave me a wealth of knowledge and empowered me to question, to analyse and to critique societal structures."
Jihye Choung

Bachelor of Communication (2008)

"One of the most important skills gained was developing the ability to think critically."
Melody Song

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (2008)
Bachelor of Communication (2007)

"My time at Monash provided me with the necessary theories to form a strong foundation for learning."

Maxine Lim Jen Ai

Bachelor of Arts (2008)

"Coming from the School of Arts and Social Sciences, the course and lecturers have been instrumental in encouraging students to develop critical-thinking, form our own opinions and not being afraid share our thoughts and questions the status quo. These especially are good qualities that employers look for when recruiting fresh graduates".

Sulyn Chong 

Bachelor of Communication (2008)

"Monash Malaysia is an institution which requires its students to think quickly on their feet and have a rounded as well as in-depth view of the world. It has sharpened my critical thinking skills and gave me my most precious weapon as a journalist."

Lia Fauziah

Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) (2008)

"If you are looking for the best quality in teaching and learning that will help you land your dream job, Monash is the answer".

Tee May Yee

Bachelor of Arts (2005)
Honours degree of Bachelor of Communication (2007)

"It shaped me the way any educational experience does - there's a body of academic study that opens itself up to you, along with all its ideas about how the world works. With university, this happens while you're stradding that divide between youth and adulthood, building your own ideas about how the world should be."

Aaron Lee Jun Meng

Bachelor of Communication (2007)

"Monash Study Tours, Futsal sessions with students and lecturers, and impromptu student film shootings around campus - I believe activities like these are the takeaways you would like to have upon graduation! One thing I liked about the lecturers were that they were all approachable."

Joanne Soo Liyeng

Bachelor of Communications (2007)

"Monash shaped the right attitude for the modern workplace. Questioning the status quo, taking ownership, being bold enough to speak up where necessary were all important traits to have at the workplace."

Puah Sze Ning

Bachelor of Communications (Honours) (2006)

"The research work helped me with project assessments,  which I’m currently applying at my workplace."

Wong Ting Jian

Bachelor of Communication (2006)

"The course works focused in helping us understand the world by reshaping our perspectives in understanding the world’s discourse and what shapes them."