What our graduates say


Kimberley Wan Mei Wah
Bachelor of Arts & Social Science (International Studies), 2014

I believe that my study in Monash Malaysia has helped mold me into an informed and educated citizen which can contribute to the world. To add, attending university isn’t enough to prepare one for the working world as this had to come with actual work experience.

Communications & Global Studies, 2018

Monash has equipped me with various of soft skills i.e. communications, problem solving, critical thinking and interpersonal skills, and especially being culturally literate in a diverse and international setting. These soft skills are extremely valuable on top of the technical skills that is required in my job, as they help to foster a more productive, healthy and collaborative working environment.

Pamela Choo
Bachelor of Arts (2015)
Awards: Dean’s Recognition Award - July 2013, December 2013, December 2014, July 2015

At Monash, we were always encouraged to question anything we were taught. I think this has made me inquisitive in the workplace and I learned to not be afraid of asking questions. The Bachelor of Arts program is coursework-based as well, and it definitely trains you to be on top of your assignments. This time management skill has been useful at work!

Puah Sze Ning
Bachelor of Communications (Honours), 2006

The research work helped me with project assessments,  which I’m currently applying at my workplace.

Khoo Di Sheng  @  Dixon
Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences), 2014

Having majored in communications and psychology, I learned how to stay calm under pressure. I have learned how to manage my time and effectively deal with deadlines, allowing me to complete tasks on time.

Wong Tin Jian
Bachelor of Communication
Major(s) & Minor: Media Studies, Writing (2006)

Monash University has directly contributed to the fact that I had some of the most brilliant minds as friends. Studying under the likes of Dr Alison Craven, Dr Pat Goon, Dr Sharon Bong, Dr Yeoh Seng Guan have inevitably provided me with some of the most unique perspectives.

Ann Lee Seok Li
Bachelor of Arts (2008)
Major(s) & Minor: Double Majors in Communication & International Studies

Studying in Monash gave me a wealth of knowledge and empowered me to question, to analyse and to critique societal structures. Throughout my studies, I learnt to question societal norms and finding the reasons behind the foundation of these structures instead of just merely following them. This experience moulded me to become an analytical person who believes that critical thinking does bring us far in our career. Monash taught me to never stop learning and to always live by the Ancora Imparo tagline.

Rohini Rajadorai
Master of Communications and Media Studies (2015), Monash University

The course structure encouraged the examination of various theories and how they relate to our current climate. This meant having to hone my research and analytic skills to make the connection between the two. This has since carried forward into my work.

Sara Salah
Bachelor of Communication (Major), International Studies (Minor)

I think Monash toughened me up. It has prepared me to always stay on top of my game and if I disagree about something to “SPEAK UP”. A lot of Monash students may think the university, or the lecturers are extra firm. However, they will come to know that the professional world is ruthless, and most Monash students are often used to working very hard, so we tend to stand out.

Myron Stewart
Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (2015)

Studying at Monash has expanded my horizons through its rigorous but rewarding academic program. To paraphrase Dr Yeoh, "my relative intellectual innocence was offered up and sacrificed”, I critically analysed where I could and no longer took everything for granted. With the world moving ever forward to globalisation, I believe it is imperative that we be given the foundation of open mindedness and an enterprising spirit which Monash builds the foundation for.

Sha-Lene Pung
B.A. (Hons.) Communications & Journalism (2012)

The professors in Monash are well-travelled and highly knowledgeable, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the support, encouragement, and confidence they gave me back in my university days. Monash also pushed me academically to study a seemingly infinite amount of dense, theoretical text and come out the other end of it with meaningful, digestible information that I could relay to other people. That is, in essence, the core skill requirement in communications, journalism, and marketing.

Lim Sheng FeiXiang
Degree in Marketing & Degree in Communications (Double Degree Program)

My 4 years pursuing a double degree – Business and Communications - gave me the best experience by teaching me to view the world from two very different perspectives. The lecturers and many other people I managed to connect with further opened up my horizons to what’s out there in the world. Beyond the exams and assignments, it was building relationships and facing  the challenges that came with them that shaped my attitude and passion to do some great work – no matter the industry.

Saida Lulu
Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in International Studies and Communication (2011)

I had great and supportive lecturers while at Monash. I wouldn’t say what I studied particularly applies in my work - times change, contexts are different and well, I am now building and maintaining relationships with institutional donors and what I was initially dreaming of was research in conflict, women and children issues. Well, the teaching methods were amazing.

Muhammad Shahrman Nayan
Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) 2014

Specifically to my course of study, Monash has opened up my mind to the not just the how, but the why in understanding media and its evolution. My course of studies has also equipped me with a mind that is no more just typical of reacting to the changes around me but to also be an actor of positive change to the material practice of my craft (Media, Culture, Power: Dr Yeoh). Monash has set a standard of quality that I now aim to better in all my video productions.

Laura Ireen Liew
Master of Communications and Media Studies

The most useful experience I had from my studies in Monash Malaysia is presentation skills. Most of the units in the MCMS course required major presentations. Projects that had presentations as assessment helped me build public speaking confidence. A big part of my current job requires closing deals with external and internal stakeholders and nailing an important presentation helps with this.

Aishath Aileen Niyaz
Bachelor of Arts (Communication/ International Studies) 2011

Studying in Monash changed my world views entirely. What I appreciate most is that Monash taught me to think critically, and to use my own analytical skills to analyse information presented to me and make my own judgements, rather than to consume what is presented to me without question.

James Foo Kok Chye
Master of Communications and Media Studies (2016)
Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Econs) (2006)

I undertook my studies for the Master of Communications and Media Studies after several years of serving in various capacities in the banking and finance industry, including corporate communicator, economic analyst and business development manager. Whilst each of these functions require different sets of skills, the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently was the common denominator and indeed, a crucial determinant for success in the workplace.

Maxine Lim Jen Ai
Bachelor of Arts
: Monash University’s Entrance Scholarship 2005-2007, Monash University Merit Scholarship 2008

Coming from the School of Arts and Social Sciences, the course and lecturers have been instrumental in encouraging students to develop critical-thinking, form our own opinions and not being afraid share our thoughts and questions the status quo. These especially are good qualities that employers look for when recruiting fresh graduates.

Ashikin Hashim
Bachelor of Communication (2011

It has taught me the value of teamwork, sharing ideas and also collaborating successfully as a team. Also, in terms of mentality, and applying a global mindset and ideas to every single problem. This is uniquely Monash.

Savani Jayasooriya
Bachelor of Arts (Global) (2012)

My life and experience in Monash didn’t only prepare me for my career and the working world, but also prepared me for life outside my career. The skills I gained throughout the years – especially through the interactions with fellow students from different countries, lecturers and so on and so forth, helped me not just earn a degree from a prestigious university but also a degree in people, social skills that I did not even sign up for.

Lee Min Hui
Bachelor of Arts (Global)
Monash High Achiever’s Award

I chose Monash Malaysia because I wanted to gain the relevant knowledge and learning skills to my major, International Studies, and given the wide span of its syllabus, I knew that Monash Malaysia would provide me that while allowing me to be close at home. Having the opportunity to go on an exchange was also a plus because it allowed me to expose myself to a different learning setting and step out of my comfort zone.

Sulyn Chong
Bachelor of Communications (2008)

Monash Malaysia is an institution which requires its students to think quickly on their feet and have a rounded as well as in-depth view of the world. It has sharpened my critical thinking skills and gave me my most precious weapon as a journalist – to be absolutely vigilant in observations of what’s happening around me.

Stephanie Chua
Bachelor of Communications (2014)

Considering Monash was my first tertiary institution I enrolled in, the learning environment in my opinion was an all-encompassing one. In terms of preparation for the working world, Monash served to facilitate the integration process. A lot of the subjects learned from the School of Arts and Social Sciences were very philosophical and abstract. To a large extent, a lot of these school of thoughts don’t quite fit into one’s day to day work life in the corporate world. However, critical thinking is one element which I consider to have helped me a great deal in my work life.

Melody Song
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (2008) 
Bachelor of Communication (2007)

My time at Monash provided me with the necessary theories to form a strong foundation for learning. During my time as a tutor, I also became familiar with university policies and practices, which has come in handy as I’m now currently working at a university.

Camelia Harahap
Bachelor of Communication (2009), Master of International Business (2011)

In terms of knowledge and skills, it has honed my critical thinking and analysis skills, and with the abundance of opportunities available for me to take on during my study, it has really helped in shaping my personal and professional growth, reassuring me with what I envision as my future career.

Sharkshini Mathivanan
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Communication) (2012)

The university’s commitment to independent study ethics, strong emphasis on the balance of work and leisure (by encouraging students’ participation in various clubs and associations) improved my ability to manage stress and appreciate work/life balance.  Further, the importance attributed to practical experience and critical thinking fostered through tutorial discussions, prepared me for the challenges of the working world.

Chong Ai Rene
Masters of Communication and Media Studies (2014)
Bachelor of Arts (2012)

Being a journalism major, I was able to see things from the media's perspective. I could understand their needs when pursuing a story or when covering an event. I was able to use that sense of empathy to smoothen the communication between IMG and the press. Besides that, cross-cultural communication is something the School of Arts emphasised a lot on. Studying in a diverse environment has made me more culturally sensitive and open-minded when it comes to something new or foreign.  I have also learned to see things from different perspectives and school of thoughts.

Rachel Tan Yen Lyn
Bachelor of Communication

The study experience in Monash Malaysia has given me the opportunity to learn practical skills during my time in the student association (MUSA), while the subjects are relatable to what I am currently doing, the student experience has taught me to be more resilient and adaptable to change.

Wilson Lee Gain Loon
Master of Arts (Cultural Studies) (2011)
Bachelor of Communication (2006)

Monash does not prepare us for the working world through spoon-feeding, but instead deepens our thinking and conception on how we relate to things around us.

Aw Yuong Tuck
currently pursuing his Masters in Communication and Media Studies (MCMS)

After completing my undergraduate degree, I found that I really enjoy the teaching and learning style here at Monash. So when the time came to look for a postgraduate course, Monash was my first choice.
Lee Chui Teng
Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) 2016; Monash University Malaysia
Awards : Dean’s Recognition Award (2015), Monash High Achiever Award (For Continuing Students) in Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) (2016), Overall Best Graduate Award in Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) (2016)

My education in Monash has equipped me with an arsenal of skills that would help me transition from university to working life. The courses offered in my majors, Journalism and International Studies, demand applying a high level of critical thinking skills to real life situations, as the assignment topics often involve assessing and interacting with actual events. The realistic nature of my classes helped me cultivate a keen eye on current happenings on a local and global scale. This skill is highly imperative when finding a good story to report on. The hands-on nature of the journalism course has primed me on what to expect when I start working. I had the opportunity to undertake every step of the journalistic process, from the conception of the stories and sourcing of interviewees, to interviewing and writing.

Nur Amalina Khairul Anuar
Bachelor of Arts Global (2016), Monash University Malaysia
Awards: Dean’s Recognition Award (2014-2015)

In the age of digitisation and increasing automation, many jobs are at risk of obsolescence. My time at Monash Malaysia prepared me for the working world by equipping me with skill sets that are not only marketable and relevant, but also proprietary and irreplaceable. Here, I was able to hone technical skills like writing, as well as soft skills like creativity, critical thinking, and leadership— qualities that are non-transferable and cannot easily be replicated by machines.

Crystal Lim Wan Ying
Masters in Communication
Bachelor in Arts (Communication and Writing major)

I spent my years in Monash Malaysia being involved in many things. I had been secretary for the Monash Performing Arts Club for two years, both years of which I had an active role in organising two musicals. I was also the secretary of the Monash Dance Fusion Club. All these were done on top of keeping up with assignment deadlines and attending classes (of which I was proud to say that in my three years of undergrad and one year of post-grad, I have only ever missed one class for something other than being sick), which has taught me a great deal in terms of time management.

Rushanka Janani Ratnayake
Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences

Being exposed to different personalities and having the opportunity to be independent has helped me handle work situations well. Especially working in MUSA gave me the additional exposure I needed when handling student, staff, external parties and others.

Aaron Lee Jun Meng
Bachelor’s in Communication (2007)

Monash opened my eyes to the real world and, it was almost a second adolescent transition into adulthood for me. I was lucky to have been a part of the Monash Study Tour to both Penang and Bangkok. In those tours, we met NGOs, who worked tirelessly for a cause they believed in. Experiencing these tours have cemented a sense of belief that no matter what your goal is in life, you can achieve them as long as you work hard enough towards it and more importantly, you have to believe in your cause. My field of work with AirAsia and Innity Corp involves interacting with people and building relationships. That’s because I believe in people relationship. Talent can only take you so far, but building relationships will allow you the opportunity to showcase those talents.

Melanie Alyssa Chalil
Bachelor of Arts (Writing & International Studies) (2008)
Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Communications) (2010)

Particularly for my current role as a journalist, the courses I undertook in Monash has without a doubt shaped my perspective about the world we live in and our interconnected relationship with each other within a global community. More importantly, the emphasis on analysis and critical thinking in Monash’s humanities courses is an invaluable approach not only in my professional capacity but as an informed citizen.

Lydia Gitanjali Thiagarajah
Bachelor of Arts (Global) (2016)

I have improved my communication and language skills during my studies at Monash Malaysia. I have also developed critical thinking skills and research skills that benefit me greatly in my work. Monash Malaysia exposed me to diversity, which enables me to be more empathetic and inclusive towards the people I work with. Furthermore, I am able to work well under pressure, and manage my time efficiently.


Anindya Widita
Masters of Communications and Media Studies (2013-2014)

I’ve been exposed to interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures since I was younger, and Monash has prepared me better in dealing with people with various personalities and views. I’ve also gained more knowledge from my classmates especially from those with working experiences. My study in Monash has certainly helped develop and improve my organisational, communication, and research skills, which are important in my current profession. It has also made me more critical and increased my awareness in the various issues happening around the world. Overall, I think I’ve learned a lot in the short period of time of studying in Monash.

Zakiah Syerina Balqis binti Taha
Masters of Communications and Media Studies (2013)

Studying in Monash Malaysia gave me exposure and opportunity to learn about international relations especially in communication. The culture of learning in Monash Malaysia is different from any local university that I have attended previously. They gave students a chance to speak up their ideas, particularly in the many seminars, presentations and discussions in class. I have the opportunity to practice these skills here at work especially in conducting meetings with Ministers and my other respective bosses.

Tania Wee Tien Ning
Masters of Communications and Media Studies (2013)

Not many universities in Malaysia offer Masters in Communications that is conducted in English and has a good reputation as well. Monash Malaysia met my criteria without me having to travel all the way to Australia.

Seow Choon Hui
Masters of Communications and Media Studies (2014)

One primary reason would certainly be the establishment of the campus in the academic arena for being the top 100 universities in the world. As the first foreign campus on the Malaysian soil, I have definitely anticipated a diverse concoction of social and cultural elements which turns out to be true despite adopting a strong Malaysian influence.

Lia Fauziah
Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) (2008)

As a foreign student, I was really concerned about attaining the best teaching quality, exploring diverse majors that a campus could offer in order to help me pursue my dreams and learning various knowledge and cultures. Monash Malaysia had it all.

Anthea Haryoko
Bachelor of Communication (2010)

More than anything my experience in Monash Malaysia has taught me how to think critically, write persuasively, and speak clearly. These are lifelong skills that prime you for a promising career in any workplace environment no matter what industry or sector.

Farlina Md Said
Bachelor of Arts (2010)

Monash University nurtured a curious mind in an open learning environment that consists of warm staff members, open academic staff, well-constructed school syllabus and also welcoming peers. There are various hands-on activities that impart skills and knowledge, such as learning video editing or how to man a camera in COSTA or trying my hand at writing experiments in the classroom. The education in the School of Arts and Social Sciences is flexible that it equips the individual with tools to use which empowers individuals to pick and choose their tools of the trade to navigate the working world.

Natasha Shakira Agaki
Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) (2012)

I found in Monash Malaysia the opportunity to access a high standard of education while still being close to home and living in a region where travel is easy and relatively affordable. The university also offers the Journalism major, which I was decidedly keen to enrol in, led by dynamic, inspiring and socially active lecturers. I previously lived and studied in Australia where I developed a very special bond with the country; and although I would have been equally as thrilled to study at the Monash Melbourne campus, I was very keen to explore the complex issues surrounding media freedom in a country closer to that of mine in culture, language and history.

By having a Malaysian experience through an Australian education system, I felt that I was exposed to the best both had to offer.

Tay Siao Lin
Bachelor of Communications (Honours) (2015)
Major(s) & Minor: Communications, minor in International Studies

One word: grit. If there is one thing that Monash Malaysia has prepped me for, it’s the ability to weather through difficult situations and stretched responsibilities in the working environment. Indeed, that transition from uni life to the corporate world is by no means an easy feat - your work becomes significantly more complex, and leaves a very real, material impact to the organisation/business you are working for. The level of accountability and workload that you deal with is much higher, and that sudden level of ownership you are required to assume can be quite debilitating.

Helen Sneha Jambunathan
Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) (2013
Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts (2014) 

Monash University Malaysia was by far the best option in the country for me – it guaranteed a global passport and a world-class education, all right at my doorstep. The Arts and Social Sciences programs also nurtured the development of critical thinking skills, which will serve me well in any industry.

Mark Prakash Rao
Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences  (2016)

I liked that Monash had a good mix of local and international students and my meeting them have helped opened my worldview despite the size of the campus. I was also fortunate to have very good teachers who helped me push past my limitations and recognise my standing (i.e. my shortcomings and strengths).

Abeer Yusuf
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Journalism (2011)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Cultural Studies (2012)

Monash Malaysia helped shape me as an adult. It gave me what I needed the most – confidence and the belief that I was good enough to go out and take the world by storm, and that if I put my mind to it, all opportunities were accessible.

Nor Arlinda Mohamed Khalid
Doctor of Philosophy (2013)

Monash is one of the best and most prestigious universities in the world. Its degree is widely acknowledged and recognised by the Malaysian government.

Joanne Soo Liyeng
Bachelor of Communications (2007)

Monash offers one of the best Communications degrees. It is also one of the best quality private tertiary education options in Malaysia.

Alicia Kabay
Masters of Communications and Media Studies (2014)

The main reason I chose to join the Master of Communications and Media Studies program in Monash Malaysia was because it allowed me to obtain an Australian degree from a world renowned university at an affordable rate. It also fit into my desire to be located not too far away from my family, which was based in Sri Lanka.

Jaina Umesh Chandwany
Bachelor of Communications (2014)

My years at Monash will always stay close to my heart. It was an absolute roller-coaster experience, juggling social life, sleep and deadlines all together. Most remarkably, Monash really opened up my mind to the community and world, at large. Supportive friends, teachers and family helped me get through the stresses of a challenging university degree. On the other hand, on-campus accommodation, group studies and a strong course material framework with good inter-campus exchange opportunities really helped me make the most of studying abroad.

Ameer Sobhan
Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences)  (2014)

MUM provides an innovative blend of a western, Australian-based education that is partly characterised by strong Asian influences. Given the globalised world we live in today, it is important to obtain such a “composite” perspective on things to best utilise the opportunities that are out there today. Ultimately, that was key in my decision to enrol here.

Jihye Choung
Bachelor of Communications (2008) 

My friends and my pre-university program lecturers gave me good feedback about Monash. I was actually a science student during my pre-university days, but was always interested to explore media-related fields. My parents wanted me to pursue Medicine or Business/Accounting because my mum owned a business. They wanted me to do the ‘usual’ degree, but I insisted that Communications would be a ‘usual’ degree when I graduate. As a lot of people think it’s difficult to get a job with an Arts degree, it took a lot for me to convince them.

Peter Gan Chong Beng
Doctor of  Philosophy  - Arts (2014)

My studies at Monash has contributed quite substantially to my academic career in terms of providing me invaluable opportunities for research and for scholarly discussions with my supervisor.

Syahirah Anwar
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (2012)
Awards:Overall Best Graduate Award for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts, Monash University, 2010 

Studying in Monash helped me step out of my comfort zone. For the first time in my life, I was studying as an international student, and I had to learn how to quickly adapt myself to a new country and interact with people from different countries and cultures. The exposure has helped me in my journalistic career, as I am able to easily assimilate with different crowds. In addition, the many term papers and my thesis research during my Honours year have been extremely beneficial to my writing skills. I also feel that the modules, especially in international relations and gender studies, that I took during my time in Monash has helped me look at many situations that I encountered as a journalist, and now as an assistant editor, through fresh perspectives.

Paulista Bunga Surjadi
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Cultural Studies/ Communication 2010

Monash is a well-known brand and I especially heard good things about its School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) where they teach various Arts subjects that are a mix of theoretical understanding and field application. I chose Monash Malaysia because of its world-class education and its close proximity to home.

Tee May Yee
Bachelor of Arts (2005)
Honours  Degress of the Bachelor  of Communications (2007)
Awards : Monash Arts Communication Prize, Monash University Merit Scholarship, Inducted into the Golden Key International Honour Society (for academic achievement in the top 15 percent of undergraduate students in the university), Monash University Honours Scholarship, Best Honours Student award for a dissertation titled "Deleuze and Postmodern Piracy: A Philosophical Enquiry", Italian Government Scholarship for cultural & language studies at the Università per Stranieri, Perugia, Italy

As a 19 year old who'd taken some months off between school and university, I alternately traveled, half-learned a new language, trawled through the education fair circuit and spoken to a dozen education counsellors. Nothing quite piqued my interest until I got to Monash Malaysia. It was a relatively new university in KL with a small but dynamic, burgeoning Arts & Social Sciences faculty. The hodgepodge of passions and persuasions — I took to that immediately, and wanted to be part of it.