AMU3744 Workplace Learning Internship (Summer B, 2020/2021)

What is this unit about? 

It’s an internship for assessment unit offered by the School of Arts and Social Sciences.

It serves as a capstone unit and a Work Integrated Learning unit across all majors offered under the Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (e.g. Communication, Gender Studies, Global Studies and Film, Television & Screen Studies).

It is a compulsory unit for those enrolled in Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (prior to October 2019) and Bachelor of Digital Media and Communication

It is also cross-listed as a U4 General Studies unit.

What are its aims?

Students get the opportunity to integrate theory with practice and gain first-hand experience in the area of specialisation that they wish to explore or pursue upon graduation.

Where can I intern?

Students typically opt to intern at news agencies, PR consulting firms, advertising agencies and creatively, at aviation, banking, insurance and HR departments/companies. You may opt to intern either in Malaysia or abroad either as a home or international student.

We also strongly encourage students to consider interning at Non-Governmental Organisations as past student interns have done, either locally or abroad.

Who can enrol in this unit? 

A. Students who already have 72 credit points (including 12cpts at Arts second-level), with at least one more semester left at the point of enrolling for this unit; and

B. Undergraduate students enrolled at SASS (i.e. this excludes students who are on exchange at Monash University, Malaysia).

When is this unit offered?

The summer unit will (for administrative purposes) be offered from 1st January to mid-February 2021. This will be the tenth successful run of the unit.

But in practice, interested students are advised to allocate at least three months (e.g. Nov to Feb) as companies, agencies, NGOs prefer an internship duration for at least three months.

There are no on-campus classes for this unit as student interns are expected to be in the field not classroom!

What assessments are involved? 

A pre-internship appraisal (20%) due two weeks from the start of the internship and three assessments due at the end of the internship period; quizzes (20%), student report (40%) and work supervisor’s report (20%).See the Unit Guide for more details.

What are enrolment dates?

Until mid-Jan 2021

You must secure an offer from the workplace BEFORE enrolling. So have your updated CVs ready! With your letter of offer, you may then proceed to enrol at the Course Management Office latest by 30 October 2020; 5:00pm.

Please click here to read about student internship experience sharing.

For more enquiries contact:

Dr Ting-Fai Yu, Unit Coordinator
Tel: 03 - 5514 4972  

Krystal Anne Goh, Course Management Office
Tel: 03 - 5514 6338