Course Map Consultation Hours

Course Map Consultation Hours: (by appointment)

  • Monday (10am -11am)
  • Wednesday to Friday (3pm - 4pm)

Venue: Course Management Office, School of Arts and Social Sciences (Room 2-6-47)

Documents checklist:

  1. Please bring the hardcopy of the course map form and kindly ensure that the course map form is filled up completely before the appointment. Don’t leave it empty and don’t forget to fill up the tables with passed units only.
  2. Please bring the hardcopy of unofficial transcript from WES
  3. Cross check the GS units (U1, U2, U3 and U4)

Important Notes:

  1. Please make an appointment for the course map assessment via email to a week before the course map consultation appointment.
  2. There is NO course map assessment during the orientation week. Please re-schedule the appointment.
  3. There is NO course map assessment on Tuesday.