Monash Abroad Partner University Exchange

Partner University Exchange S1 & S2, 2020


To be eligible to participate in a semester abroad program you must meet the following criteria presented in the table below. Please note: for Engineering students, the minimum requirements are slightly different - please see below for more information.

Eligibility criteria for Semester Abroad programs

(Semester or Year on Exchange or Study Abroad)


Postgraduate by coursework
(incl. hons)

Of good academic standing

Minimum WAM at time of registration



Minimum WAM at the end of the semester in which you apply



Minimum credit points completed at time of registration



Minimum credit points completed by the end of the semester in which you apply



Minimum credit points completed at time of program commencement



Sought Course Advice from School/Schools

Study plan approved by School/Schools

Satisfy any additional School requirements

Satisfy any host institution / campus requirements

Study equivalent of 18 – 24 credits 
per semester whilst overseas

Ready to apply?

  • Step 1: Download the application form

Once you are ready, download the Monash Abroad application form (pdf, 1.6MB) for Outbound Exchange students.

The form includes step-by-step instructions to complete your application and details of the application requirements such as your study plan and statement of purpose.

  • Step 2: Begin researching your options

You can start your research by referring to our exchange partner list to find out all the overseas universities that Monash is partnered with for semester exchange programs.

Use the links set out in the list to discover more about our partner universities. Information including unit catalogue links, credit conversions, accommodation, and cost of living are all covered within each universities' dedicated web page.

Select a first preference university as well as a second preference university.

After you've started your preliminary research, you should seek out Monash Abroad as your first step for more information.

  • Step 3: Seek course planning advice from your Course Management office or school

Contact your Course Management Office (CMO) or School(s) to help you understand what units you can take overseas and still remain on track to graduate. For double degrees, contact your managing School first before contacting your non-managing School.

Download and complete the Course Map form before consulting your CMO/School (face-to-face or in-person), as it would help with your discussions with your CMO/School if a semester exchange will fit into your course progression.

  • Step 4: Create your study plan

Your study plan is the list of units you plan to study while on exchange, and forms part of your application. While the study plan sits within your application form, you need to have it approved and signed off by your CMO/School before you can submit the form and supporting documentation to Monash Abroad Malaysia.

You should draft your study plan of proposed units taught at your first and second preference universities.

You may check the current lists of Pre-Approved Units. These pre-approved units are partner universities units which have already been assessed and approved by your School as equivalents to some of your Monash units.

When creating your study plan you should consider the following:

  • Your selected partner university may offer different units at different levels and the units are sometimes not entirely taught in English.
  • The units you want to study are offered:
    • to satisfy your Monash degree
    • at the level you are studying (undergraduate and/or postgraduate)
    • during the semester you are on exchange
  • Ensure you understand the full-time study load at your chosen partner university and the credit points each partner university unit is worth as you must have the equivalent of 18 - 24 Monash credit points for a full-time load. Please consult your CMO for further details on your study plan preparation.
  • Be aware that certain partner university units have restrictions, limitations or pre-requisites, therefore please ensure you meet these before selecting the unit.
  • Choose twice as many units than you would actually need to study. This is to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances such as cancellation of classes/units, timetable clashes that could lead to non – fulfilment of enrolment quotas. You are also encouraged to take elective units while on exchange for more flexibility in the approval of units. If you want to study core units, you will need to select units with similar content to the Monash core units. Some schools require the content to be up to 80% similar.
  • Print the detailed unit outlines to submit with your application. Your school would require additional information such as unit structure, credit value of the unit, contact hours, content, required reading and types of assessments.
  • Step 5: Write your statement of purpose and prepare your financial plan

Write your statement of purpose (approximately 500 words) which explains your reasons for wanting to study abroad. The purpose of this essay is to allow Monash Abroad to evaluate your ambassadorial qualities and intention for studying abroad. This essay may also be a requirement of the host university and may be forwarded on once you have been nominated by Monash Abroad.

Prepare your financial plan using the template in the application form. The purpose of the financial plan is to encourage you to research the costs associated with studying overseas. TIP: most partner universities will have information on estimated cost of living on their websites. You may use such information as a guide.

  • Step 6: Submit your complete application

The next step is to submit your application to your CMO/School. Your CMO/School will need time to assess your eligibility and proposed units.

Once your study plan is approved by your CMO/School and you have completed your application, submit it to Monash Abroad Malaysia by the application deadline.

The submission deadline to your CMO/School is usually two months before the Monash Abroad application deadline.

What happens after I apply?

You've submitted your application form. What happens next?

Acknowledgement of Receipt

Once you have submitted the completed form and supporting documents to Monash Abroad, you will receive an acknowledgement that your application has been received. You should expect this about three weeks after the application deadline.

Nomination (Nominations may take until end of October (Semester 1 programs) or end of April (Semester 2 programs) to be finalised)

Due to the popularity of the exchange program among Monash students, places for universities in the English-speaking countries are extremely competitive. This means that you may not be nominated to a university of your first preference. Monash Abroad takes into consideration both your grades and your statement of purpose when assessing your application. If your intended host university requires additional information or reference letters, we will then contact your academic referees. Please ensure your referees are current facilitators, familiar with your academic strengths and have been informed on your decision to study abroad.

If you are nominated to your first university preference, you will receive an email from Monash Abroad approximately six to eight weeks after the application deadline. Instructions for completing the host university application will be included in this email.

If you are not nominated for your first preference, we will try our best to consider you for your second preference or work with you to find a suitable third option should the need arise. Before we nominate you for your second preference, we will contact you to confirm that you are still interested in applying to that university.

If you are allocated to a university that is not your first preference, you will be required to prepare a new study plan relevant to your new host university and have it approved by your course management office.

Host university selection

Upon being nominated to a partner university, you will receive instructions for completing the application to your host university in a nomination email sent by Monash Abroad. Be sure to pay very close attention to the application deadlines as missing the deadline will likely result in losing your spot at the partner university.

To plan efficiently, it is highly recommended that you research beforehand if the partner university you are applying to requires a letter of reference. Other documents you may need include certified bank statements, proof of language proficiency, an official Monash transcript and medical forms, where applicable.

You are not fully approved to go on exchange until you have received an acceptance letter from the partner university. It may take one to three months after your submission of application for the offer from the university. The universities will respond to you according to their acceptance deadlines, therefore, other applicants may receive their offers of admission at an earlier or even later date.

Most host offer letters are sent directly to Monash Abroad. If you receive it directly, please inform the Monash Abroad office. Once the acceptance letter is received, your exchange coordinator will send you an acceptance email. The acceptance email is required in order for you to enrol in exchange units with your school.

After acceptance

Once you have been accepted into your host university, you can then proceed with making all necessary travel arrangements (e.g. visa applications, application for accommodation, the purchase of flight tickets), and start preparing for your exciting semester or year abroad.

You will have to attend a pre-departure briefing to meet other students going on exchange and gain important information that will help you prepare for your journey.

*Pre-departure Briefing

Monash Abroad Malaysia conducts pre-departure sessions for students going abroad for:

  • Intercampus Exchange to Monash University Australia
  • International Exchange

These pre – departure sessions will provide important information that is specific to your destination such as travel advice, preparation for accommodation, visa and financing. You will obtain the details on the session from the coordinator via email.

The session is a great opportunity to meet and discuss with other students who are also planning for their exchange. During the session, we assist in your preparations by giving advice on areas such as enrollment, cultural adjustment and how to obtain your travel scholarship.

*Getting your travel scholarship

We would need the following documents to process your travel scholarships, please ensure that you have submitted them to Monash Abroad Malaysia:

  • Partner university exchange offer letter
  • Signed Acknowledgement of Conditions form
  • Completed Travel Scholarship Application form
  • Copy of your travel insurance policy

Once you have submitted all the required documents, the scholarship will be paid into your nominated account approximately two weeks before your program start date (not your travel date). As partner universities have different semester dates, your friends may receive their travel scholarships at different times.

*Academic considerations

It is compulsory to undertake a full-time study load (18 - 24 credit points) while studying abroad.

Your main priority on exchange is to successfully complete your units. If at any point you encounter issues or are concerned about your academic performance at the partner university, please immediately consult your course management office at Monash Malaysia for advice.

If upon arrival at your host university you find that the units you had initially been approved for are no longer offered or you experience timetable clashes, please immediately consult your school’s course management office to seek approval for alternative units. These approvals must then be forwarded to the Monash Abroad office in Malaysia.

Ensure you inform your course management office and Monash Abroad should you opt for any of the following:

  • Withdrawal – you must provide a valid reason for your withdrawal
  • Extending your semester abroad – contact Monash Abroad for instructions on how to proceed

Monash Abroad contact details

If you have any questions on exchange or study abroad programs, please send an email to Monash Abroad general email: or Monash Abroad coordinators, Feny Wong( and Tiong Hui Jin (