Monash Abroad Inter-Campus exchange

Notes for Incoming Exchange Program Students (Inbound):

The following areas of discipline are available at the Monash University Malaysia campus:

  • Communication
  • Global Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Journalism Studies
  • Screen Studies
  • Psychology
  • Writing

Students must seek course advice and faculty approval from their home campus for units they wish to enrol at Malaysia campus to ensure that there will be no disruptions to their course progression.
All units undertaken at the Malaysia campus under the exchange program are fully recognised Monash units and will appear in your transcript as such and will not be considered as cross-institutional study units.

For the units offered at the Malaysia campus. Please click here: Unit offerings

Monash Abroad Inter-Campus exchange

Notes for Inter-Campus Exchange Program Students (Outbound):

To be eligible to participate in an intercampus exchange program, you must have:

  • completed at least 48 credit points of your course at Monash
  • achieved a minimum Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 60%
  • an active enrolment in a Monash undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree at any Monash campus
  • your overseas study plan approved by your school(s) so that you are able to receive credit towards your degree
  • selected units that will ensure you are doing a full time load of on-campus units (18 or 24 credit points)
  • been assessed by Monash Abroad as a suitable representative of your home campus
  • only one active semester-length overseas study application (i.e. exchange, intercampus exchange, or campus transfer) with Monash for the same study period.

Other factors to consider

  • Some schools may not permit you to undertake overseas study in the final semester of your course, therefore, please check with your course management office before completing your application.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Depending on your country of origin, if you are applying for an intercampus exchange to Australia, you may be required to provide your IELTS results. You should check with the Australian Immigration Department and schedule for an IELTS test as early as possible to avoid unnecessary delays.

Ready to apply?

Step 1: Select units to study

  • Use the online course handbooks for the campus you are applying for to select the units you want to study.
  • Make sure the units are offered at the campus you want to go to and are available in the semester you plan to go. It is often easier to get faculty approval if you study elective units at another campus
  • If you are a business student at Monash Malaysia, check the mathematics requirements with your Course Management Office to apply to Monash Australia
  • If you plan to study core units overseas, you will need to find units with equivalent content to your home campus. Some faculties require the content be up to 80% similar.
  • If you are not sure whether a unit is suitable, Monash Malaysia students should speak to their School course management office.
  • Monash Malaysia students planning to study in Australia should carefully check the campus on which their preferred Australian units are taught. You can choose units on both Clayton and Caulfield campuses. For Peninsula, you must study all your units at that campus. Only pharmacy is taught at the Parkville campus.

Step 2: Prepare your study plan

  • Your study plan is the list of subjects you plan to study while on intercampus exchange, and forms part of your application.
  • Enter details of the overseas units you have chosen into the study plan application form.
  • You must enrol in a full-time load (18 – 24 credit points) of on-campus units only. You should select at least two or three spare units in case your faculty does not approve all your choices, or there are timetable clashes or some units are cancelled after you arrive at your host campus.
  • It is much easier to get alternative units approved before you leave rather than by email after you arrive, although it is possible to do this.

Step 3: Get your study plan approved by your faculty or school

  • You need to submit and have your completed study plan approved by your faculty, by the study plan deadline (below).
  • Monash Australia students: Faculty exchange adviser contacts.
  • Monash Malaysia students: Your School course management office.

Step 4: Prepare your financial plan

  • The purpose of the financial plan is to encourage students to research the costs associated with studying overseas. This is designed to make you consider from where you are getting the funds for your exchange and on what you will have to spend money, and how much you might have to spend, while you are on intercampus exchange.
  • We do not require you to justify the amounts you list but we will look at them and discuss with you what you have listed if we think you are being unrealistic.

Step 5: Lodge an application for the intercampus exchange online.

The online application form will take about 30 minutes to complete, and includes the following items:

  • a section for you to upload your approved faculty study plan (see above);
  • a section for you to upload your financial plan (see above);
  • a section for you to upload a copy of the information page of your passport;
  • questions about any disabilities you may have;
  • lastly a section in which you accept the terms and conditions, and confirm the information you have entered is true and correct.

For semester 1 2018, Monash Abroad Office are also accepting paper application forms, however, Monash Abroad may require more time to process paper applications. Download, complete and submit Monash Abroad application form for Intercampus Exchange (PDF, 1.17 MB).

Step 6: Submitting your application

Once your study plan is approved by your school and you've completed the rest of your intercampus exchange application, submit it by or before the relevant due date.

Creating your study plan

Your study plan is the list of units you plan to study while on intercampus exchange and forms part of your application. While the study plan sits within your application form, you need to have it approved and signed off by your course management office before you can submit the form and supporting documentation to Monash Abroad Malaysia. The submission deadline to your school is normally a month before the Monash Abroad application deadline.

When developing your study plan, you should consider the following:

  • The Monash campus you plan to go to offer different units, at different levels.
  • Ensure the units are offered and available at the campus in the semester you plan to go.
  • Study elective units while abroad as it is more flexible and easier to obtain approval from your school.
  • You must do a full time load (18-24 credit points) of on-campus units only.
  • Be aware of any unit restrictions or limitations and ensure you meet these before selecting the unit.
  • Choose twice as many units than you would actually need to study. This is to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances such as cancellation of classes/units, timetable clashes that could lead to non – fulfilment of enrolment quotas.