Master of Communications and Media Studies

The Master in Communications and Media Studies (MCMS) offered by Monash University Malaysia Campus aims to further students’ understanding of communications and media systems both locally and globally. Communications and Media Studies was ranked 51-100 in the world in the QS World University Rankings by Subject for 2017.

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Making the Difference with MCMS?

Knowledge and skills in communication are increasingly valued across a wide range of industries, particularly at the management level.

This course focuses on changes posed by the glaring emergence and dominance of digital media, globalisation and increasing levels of cross-cultural exchange. The last decade has witnessed unprecedented change in communications and media content, forms, technology and policy with wide-ranging implications for business, politics, public administration and everyday life.  This course examines these developments from a historical political and theoretical perspective and increases your understanding of communications and media systems in our world.

The course is particularly designed to focus on themes relevant to those employed or seeking employment in communications and media industries, for instance, electronic journalism, policy formulation, public relations, management and tourism marketing, and to those wishing to develop expertise in communications and media studies for purposes of teaching or further study. Graduates of the program have moved on to lead editorial teams, marketing divisions of large conglomerates, strategic communication and business development units of organisations and contribute to the contemporary practices in public relations and marketing.

Whilst open to fresh graduates, the course would best benefit working professionals who seek to develop advanced strategic and analytical skills, and leadership perspectives in communication. Students will be awarded the opportunity to thrive in a classroom environment that promotes intellectual dialogue on current issues based both on a strong theoretical foundation and real-life examples - often from students' own work experiences. 

A Powerful, Relevant Content

The MCMS is designed to challenge communication professionals and meet the demands of industry. The course structure is divided into two components – coursework and a thesis or industry research project in the final semester. Full-time students would normally complete the course in one-and-a-half years while part-time students would take up to three years.

The coursework units which students have to complete in the first two semesters include:

These studies draw on best practices within the broad realm of communications and media studies practice and research to further your understanding of communications and media systems both locally and globally. Studies focus on the challenges posed by the emergence of digital media, globalisation and increasing levels of cross-cultural exchange.

In the final semester, students progress into advanced expertise and the focus of these studies is professional or scholarly work that can contribute to a portfolio of professional development. You will be offered two options.

The first option is a program of Coursework Study consisting of 2 units, which includes an internship. The internship will present students with the opportunity to tackle contemporary issues facing industry with the expectation that student will put into practice what they have learnt. The options are:

The second option is a Research Thesis which will challenge students to contribute to the existing body of knowledge utilising the skills and knowledge base obtained from the coursework component of the program. The thesis option is recommended for those interested in pursuing a PhD in the future. The areas of research are not just limited to communication but also other disciplines that utilise approaches from the social sciences tradition.

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