Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies

KPT/JPT (R/220/6/0012) 01/20 - MQA/SWA0104

With digital technology rapidly transforming the marketing and media industries, employers are looking for graduates who can approach communication with clarity, skill, and insight. With a strong digital focus, this degree exposes you to the inner workings of the media, and teaches you to look beneath the surface to understand how media change is connected to broader cultural, political, and socio-economic changes. You will explore the fundamental principles of how the media shapes the ways human beings relate to one another, learn about corporate mass communications, study the role the media plays in society, and examine a range of contemporary global issues surrounding communication.

Boasting a strong digital focus, the degree helps you to explore questions surrounding the impacts of new media technologies in all spheres of life - from interpersonal communication to professional practice – and allows you to delve into how these shape and are shaped by the people and communities who use it. Graduates will be able to think about the media and communications sectors both strategically and critically, understanding the structures and interests that drive them. You will learn about the inner workings of the media industries, from journalism to popular films, digital media and state communications, and will be well placed to engage with, analyse and comment on these.

The Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies degree allows you to develop skills that are easily transferable to a range of dynamic careers. These include enhanced creativity, teamwork, cross-cultural understanding, critical thinking, self-learning, researching, analytical writing skills, and skills in oral presentation. Graduates will have a firm grasp on various media narratives and strategies, and will have excellent understandings of how media content is produced and circulates in society, as well as the ability to communicate well. Students enrolled in this degree will have the opportunity to undertake workplace integrated subjects and will be well-equipped to work across the public and private sectors, and in a wide range of communications industries.

Fields of study

At Monash University Malaysia, we currently offer the following majors for this course:

  • Communication (core)
  • Global studies (specialization)
  • Film, television, and screen studies (specialization)

Career Outcomes

Graduates from the Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences have gone on to work in areas such as:

  • Journalism, publishing, writing and editing
  • Marketing, advertising, public relations, and corporate communications
  • Management consulting and business research, development, and analysis
  • Tourism, hospitality, human resources, management and administration
  • Education, academia, research, and training and development
  • Entertainment, digital and electronic media, film production and direction

Camelia Harahap

Bachelor of Communication (2009)

"In terms of knowledge and skills, it has honed my critical thinking and analysis skills, and with the abundance of opportunities available for me to take on during my study, it has really helped in shaping my personal and professional growth, reassuring me with what I envision as my future career."

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