Diploma of Higher Education Studies

KPT/JPT (R/140/4/007) 01/23 - MQA/SWA0654

The Diploma of Higher Education Studies (DHES) at SASS offers you an alternative pathway into selected undergraduate degrees at Monash University Malaysia. For many young people, the program represents a valuable second chance at a tertiary education, providing those who do not initially meet the university’s entry requirements with a steady route to a Monash degree. You do not study the field of education itself, but will receive instruction in the art of learning in higher education including developing research skills that will serve you well across diverse fields of study and in the workplace. Completing the DHES is equivalent to completing the first year of a general undergraduate degree, and takes you straight into the second year of the degree of your choice.

The DHES runs for one year, and allows you to study first-year units in four schools at Monash Malaysia – Arts and Social Sciences, Business, Information Technology or Science. You may choose from seven undergraduate degrees, including the Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences, the Bachelor of Medical Bioscience, or the Bachelor of Business and Commerce. Over the course of the program, you will complete six units relating to your degree of choice, as well as two compulsory study-skills units, Learning in Higher Education and Academic Literacies. These two units give you a firm grounding in the world of academic study and research, training you in academic reading, writing, and critical thinking. You will learn various research techniques and methods, and conduct in-depth digital and library research. Ultimately, these units provide you with the foundation you need to thrive in tertiary education, and teach you to think creatively and innovatively.

Students enrolled in the DHES might not be taking a traditional route into university, but the course promises an alternative pathway to a degree and into the warm, intelligent, and vibrant community here at Monash. Whether you missed out on meeting entry requirements or are simply keeping your options open, as a DHES student you will benefit from close, engaged mentorship throughout the duration of the course that helps ensure your smooth transition into degree learning. The program forms an invaluable opportunity for you to access tertiary education at Monash, helping you take the first step towards completing an undergraduate degree.

Dr Melissa Wong

Assistant Lecturer and Program Coordinator

"The DHES program ensures students develop useful skills, so that they can eventually easily transition into their second year of a bachelor program. The ability to think, read and write critically are also prized in many workplaces, and are valuable lifelong learning skills.”

Kento Mase

Diploma of Higher Education Studies student

“The Learning in Higher Education and Academic Literacies units were especially helpful for me as they explored different kinds of academic skills like essay writing and critical thinking. This created a foundation of necessary skills that prepared me not just for a degree, but for my future studies and career.”

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