Film-Making For Dungus (dummies) Workshops

A group of interested students showed up on a Saturday morning (28 March, 2015) to learn about the basics of film-making. Some already knew a bit about film making, while others had no knowledge of the subject matter like myself. Mr Fikri Jermadi was our instructor for the day. A sessional lecturer at Monash University Malaysia, he has also taught script writing at Sunway University. He has  produced short films which have been selected for both national and international screenings.

Everyone was made to feel at ease at the start of the workshop when  Mr. Fikri showed us an interesting short film.  He then got us to talk about film making from our perspectives and told that all of us already had experience with film making for the simple fact that we all have shot amateur videos from our phone.

We then moved into the specifics of film making such as script writing. First, various groups were formed to brainstorm possible stories to shoot. We came up with three different stories. One group suggested making a humorous documentary film about a certain Monash Lecturer. A second group came up with a ‘Bromance’ story, and the group I was in wanted to do  a comedy about a‘Bad day’.

After having enjoyed  lunch, Mr. Fikri taught about the format of script writing. The Bromance story was used as a concrete example to show us about details such as font size, how to set visually the scene, detailed descriptions of the character to be filmed and so forth.

Finally, we moved on to the use of cameras, tripods and recording tapes. After a briefing,  we were all asked to shoot short scenes and interview people around the campus.  We got some other students to play along and help us with our filming.  About a quarter of an hour later, we returned to the Multi-media  lab where we were taught how to capture and edit our films, and other details like adding special effects and music to the videos.

At the end of the workshop, all the students felt that they were ready to make short films in time for the second part of the workshop to be conducted in a few weeks’ time.

By Hamza Delbar, Workshop participant