Internet in Southeast Asia: Power and Society

The School of Arts and Social Sciences hosted the inaugural Internet in Southeast Asia symposium on the on the 3-4 of December, 2015. Organized by Dr Tan Meng Yoe and Dr Julian Hopkins, the symposium’s theme was Power and Society, which explores how the internet affects negotiations of power in social, cultural, and political dimensions in the Southeast Asian region. 

The symposium attracted the interest of researchers from reputable institutions all over the world who are currently working in the area of internet and society. The range of topics presented was diverse, and over two days participants listened to and engaged in issues of politics, religion, popular culture, and more.

The symposium also had the privilege of having Dr John Postill, the VC Senior Research Fellow from RMIT University Melbourne as the keynote speaker. He spoke on the subject of Internet Struggles in Southeast Asia: An Ethnographic Account of RightsCon 2015, Manila.