Film-making for Dungus Workshop 2016

The  Film-making for Dungus (Dummies) workshop has been organised annually  since 2006. As in last year, the workshop was held on a Saturday and spread over  two different days; on April 9 and April 23.

Mr Fikri Jermadi was the trainer for the workshop. An  alumnus  of the School of Arts and Social Sciences, he  is currently pursuing his PhD in Screen Technology at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). Fikri was also the first filmmaker-in-residence of the School of Arts and Social Sciences in 2011.

On the first day of the workshop, Fikri started off by screening  “Salvaj”,  a short film that won the Best Short Film at the 27th Malaysian Film Festival in 2015. This was followed by some tips on storytelling and developing ideas or storylines for films,  the first important step in  film-making. We were then taken through the technical aspects  of films and film-making. He explained to us how video quality is managed  through various camera settings like  video resolution and aspect ratio.  Next, we were guided into  handling correctly video cameras, audio recorders, microphones, and tripods. We were given some time to shoot a short sequence before returning to the lab to learn the basics of video and audio editing via the Adobe Premiere Pro programme.

As homework,  we were then given two weeks to come up with a short video piece  to share  on the second leg of the workshop.  Amanda Ho Sze Yin and Kelly Goh made “The Monash” involving the other workshop participants and some of their course mates as cast members. Together with some of Fikri’s films as case studies, we  discussed some of the finer technical aspects of film-making before practising our video and audio editing skills again.

On her experience in making the short film, Amanda  said that she learned the importance of teamwork and ways to improve on her future film-making projects: “I am  inspired to continue my passion for filmmaking and I will definitely work with a variety of aspiring filmmakers to create short films of many different genres”.  For her,  the most useful skill she learned is scriptwriting as “it is important to create a good story to engage more with the audience”. The workshop was conducted in an informative, interactive and engaging manner, and the participants came away more enthused in film-making than ever.

By Yeong Hui Min