Open Day: Come Discover Monash

Lecturers in the School of Arts and Social Sciences organised two interactive activities for students and visitors during the Open Day on March 19, 2016.

The activities highlighted the wide range of specialties and majors available in the School. Students and guests were treated to tours of the school, including the multimedia lab and were able to interact with faculty and staff throughout the day.

Reporting without Borders by Dr Ghislaine Lewis and Mr Callum GilmourParticipants were able to experience the behind the scenes processes involved in producing a news segment. They were able to be a newscaster for their very own news segment and received a copy to share with their family and friends.

“Where in the World is Criminal Cassandra” by Timothy Wong and Ms Aiedah bt Khalek
A fun, interactive activity that combines investigative work and learning about the world we live in, “Where in the World is Criminal Cassandra?” puts you in the position of a detective as you travel the globe in search of the notorious jewel thief, Criminal Cassandra. As you identify, through a series of clues, the various countries she has been visiting in order to escape you, you will also learn about these countries’ culture, history and socio-political context, all the while closing in on Cassandra. Each clue you solve increases your knowledge about your world today and brings you closer to capturing Cassandra. But be careful, a single slip and Cassandra will slip out of your radar forever!