Briefing on Workplace Learning Internship Unit

Approximately 24 students from SASS attended a briefing on the Workplace Learning Internship Unit at noon on Tuesday, 21 March 2017. The Unit aims to train students in linking and integrating theory with practice through work placements. It is a form of experiential learning that assists students in applying the knowledge and skills they acquire in the classroom to an actual workplace environment of their choice. This method of leaning allows students to have a first-hand experience of working in a specific area of interest that they wish to pursue after graduation. The internship is also an avenue for students to develop networks that may be beneficial for future employment opportunities.

Within the hour-long session, Dr Joseph N. Goh, a lecturer in gender studies and the unit coordinator for the Workplace Learning Internship Unit in 2016-2017, spoke on the significance and learning objectives of the Unit, issues of eligibility, and the process of applying for internship at a workplace. He highlighted the various assessment tasks of the Unit, which serve to gauge the ability of student interns to critically assess their working experiences and personal learning goals. Associate Professor Dr Sharon A. Bong, who had been helming the Workplace Learning Internship Unit for many years prior to Goh’s appointment, was also present at the session to offer her time-tested insights. Ms. Nurul Farahin from the SASS Course Management Office provided advice on the process of enrolling in the Unit. Two SASS students who had recently completed their internship, Mr. Kan Wai Min and Ms. Megan Kwai, spoke on their internship experiences and shared some practical tips. The briefing ended with a question-and-answer forum.