MUFY Discovery Day

SASS held a workshop for MUFY students in conjunction with MUFY Discovery Day on 15 February 2017. They were given a choice of three discipline clusters to attend. Out of a total of 360 students, 122 students chose the Arts, Business and Pharmacy cluster of which interesting activities were conducted.

The workshop began with a course briefing, followed by a Kahoot game quiz facilitated by Associate Professor Sharon A. Bong. The quiz consisted of 50 questions that students had to answer individually. Quiz categories included general knowledge, world history and politics, gender, communication and media, film and many others. Prizes are given to the top 5 winners at the end of the activity. Associate Professor Sharon A. Bong has also invited two of her current students from Gender Studies, Mr Kan Wai Min and Ms Sunita Soh to share about their internship experience.  The workshop was a success due to the MUFY students' spirited participation.