2017 PVC Awards and Commendations

Congratulations to Dr Joel Moore and Dr Marco Buente for winning the 2017 PVC Awards and Commendations.

2017 PVC Awards for Excellence in Education

Outstanding Educator

Dr Joel Moore

Joel has made an outstanding contribution, over an extended period, in developing a range of innovative education offerings which provide students with real-world experience and insight into a range of contemporary challenges. His educational innovations impact on student learning at multiple levels: academic learning, research skills, lifelong learning skills, collaboration and negotiation skills, student mobility and career preparedness.

2017 PVC Commendation for Research

Open Category

Associate Professor Marco Buente

Marco exhibited good translational research outcome. His work on the origins, trajectories and outcomes of liberalizing reforms in Myanmar demonstrated that the political opening has been completely guided, controlled and constrained by the military. Some of his articles were included in the required reading list of political science courses in universities around the world (e.g. Heidelberg, London School of Economics (LSE), National University of Singapore, Toronto, Oslo).