Seminar Series and Book Launch

On April 17, 2018, Dr Joseph N. Goh delivered a presentation as part of the School of Arts and Social Sciences’ research seminar series at Monash University Malaysia. The presentation, chaired by Associate Professor Andrew Ng, also doubled as a book launch and was based on Goh’s new book entitled Living Out Sexuality and Faith: Body Admissions of Malaysian Gay and Bisexual Men (Routledge 2018). During the seminar, Goh shared his journey of writing the book, and read an excerpt from it. The presentation was followed by a discussion, and drew a variety of thought-provoking questions and comments from the attendees who comprised more than 30 university members of staff and students, and interested parties from community-based organisations. The hour-long event ended with a sumptuous lunch.

Living Out Sexuality and Faith foregrounds a Malaysian queer sexual theology. Queer sexual theologies move beyond the rigid impasses that are often constructed by mainstream Christianities, in which gender and sexual diversities are held as abnormal and sinful, and incompatible with any valid form of Christian value or thought. In contrast, queer sexual theologies are predicated on the actual everyday realities of queer people as valuable theological resources that can contribute to the varied depositories of Christian tradition. This book continues queer sexual theological discourses by foregrounding the ways in which a queer analysis of the lives of Malaysian gay and bisexual men can reveal something about personal growth, right human relationships and God.