WhatsApp: Methods and methodologies

This was a small symposium held on 1 - 2 November 2018 dedicated to sharing and comparing methods for researching WhatsApp and involving seven scholars from the region currently working on WhatsApp. The symposium aimed to come up with plans for research collaboration and co-authoring in 2019. Generally speaking, the symposium led to the formation of a small team of people dedicated to working on publications and grants over the course of 2019. This team of people includes: Pauline Leong (Sunway University) Natalie Pang (NUS), Amelia Johns (University technology Sydney) Ariadna Matamoros Fernandez (Queensland University of Technology) and Emma Baulch (Monash Malaysia).

Shortly after the symposium, the team convened a second meeting via skype to discuss plans floated in the symposium, draw up a detailed timeline and divide up tasks. The following plans resulted from this series of discussions:

  • Co-author a journal article overviewing the state of the field in WhatsApp research. Proposed submission date February 2019.
  • Co-edit a special issue of a journal. Proposed submission date also February 2019.
  • Propose a panel to the Association of Internet Researchers conference in Brisbane October 2019. Submission due April 2019.
  • Begin work on a grant proposal for the 2021 Discovery round (submission feb 2020) involving Ariadna MF as lead, Amelia Johns as second Chief INvestigator, and Emma and Natalie as Partner investigators.