Digital Transactions in Asia III Conference

The third Digital Transactions in Asia conference took place at Monash University Malaysia from the 20th to the 22nd of November 2019. The conference was the result of a collaborative effort between Monash University Malaysia’s School of Arts and Social Sciences and the University of Queensland’s Institute for the Advanced Study in the Humanities. Please click on the video for conference highlights.

The conference gathered academics and researchers from the larger Asia region to consider the qualities of social and economic changes precipitated by the raid uptake of mobile internet in the Asia region in recent years. It consisted of three keynote addresses and seven themed panels on the following topics: ‘Digital Inter-Asia’; ‘Online Marketplaces’; ‘Managing Elections and Populations’; ‘Everyday Reconfigurings’; ‘Mobilities’; and ‘Technocapitalism and the Digital Subject’.

Kicking off the first day with her keynote titled ‘Digital Transactions, Transcendence, and Transmissions: Critical Interventions Amidst a New Materialism in Southeast Malaysia’, Associate Professor Joanne Lim provided an overview of digital innovation and growth within Southeast Asian markets and economies. In the morning of day 2, University of Technology and Design’s Professor Sun Sun Lim delivered a keynote on the topic of ‘Transcendent Parenting in Digitalising Homes: On Mobile Communication and Social Mobility’. In her address, Professor Lim spoke  about her research into how mobile technologies have transformed parenting in Singapore. At the close of day 2, Professor Audrey Yue of the National University of Singapore drew out some general themes that emerged and suggested pathways for developing critical research agendas in the future.

On Day 3, the conference included  a Malaysian Digital Creatives showcase, featuring Narishvin Sukamaran, Chief Marketing Officer of Gameka, and Andrew Ooi, Managing Director and Co-founder of Inspidea Malaysia, in conversation with Dr Susan  Leong. Narish and Andrew shared their insights into the implications of digitisation for their respective industries, and into the future prospects and developments of Malaysia’s digital start-up scene. The conference closed with the launch of ‘Digital Transactions in Asia: Economic, Informational, and Social Exchanges’ (Routledge 2019). Edited by the University of Queensland’s Dr. Adrian Athique and Monash University Malaysia’s Dr. Emma Baulch, and featuring thirteen chapters developed from papers presented at previous iterations of the conference, the book provides an overview of digital transactions across the Asian region, acknowledging the various platforms and foundations that shape digital experiences.