Nasi Bungkus Cinema : My Digital Stories

MY Digital Stories, a program of short films made by students enrolled in the second-year Film, Television and Screen Studies Unit “Digital Screens”, was showcased on 14 May 2019 via Nasi Bungkus Cinema, an alternative film screening programme, hosted by the School of Arts and Social Sciences. Bracing the lunchtime heat, the screening was well-attended by students-filmmakers and Monash University staff.

Prior to creating these short films, the students participated in a practical filmmaking workshop on short form and digital content creation, led by external film industry professionals from the Mahakarya Institute of Arts Asia (Brunei), Dr Alex Fischer and Ms Siti Kamaluddin. The students were challenged to shoot, edit and finalise their 3-minute short film within a week.

The finished short films touch on themes such as gender and identity, digital technologies and digital screens, issues of representation and perception, voyeurism and looking etc. The successful completion of these films demonstrate the students’ ability to apply formal film techniques and editing skills to develop a video work that involved team work and organisation skills.

In order to view the short films online, click below:

Se Liberer

Mind Maze

Your No. 1 Fan

Noise Off


Daddy Issues