Online Learning Experiences with SASS

Hear from our students who share their valuable online learning experiences with the School of Arts and Social Sciences.

"I appreciate how comprehensive and easy it is to navigate the content my lecturers have put up on Moodle. Personally, I think recorded lectures are a good idea, and perhaps can be continued even when face-to-face learning is allowed again because I found that I am able to learn better when I have the liberty to watch the recordings according to my sleeping schedule. I also found online learning to be more stressful, in a good way. As I am not surrounded by students, in a way, I’m alone in this and this motivates me to stay up to date with all of the lectures, tutorials, and short activities in case I miss out on anything important. Overall, I trust that SASS and my lecturers have done their best to assist students with online learning at this time."

Evon Goh Yi Wen, Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences
Nationality: Malaysian

"This is my very first semester in Monash and I cannot possibly be more pleased. Being here makes me so mentally happy. At my previous institution, I felt very belittled, as though my feelings and personal hardships didn't matter. The lecturers in Monash are so responsive, respectful, and well mannered. Most importantly, they are beyond understanding. The Monash Hardship Grant shocked me. Given the current economy, the fact that Monash put out not one, but two hardship grants truly touched my heart. Not to mention, it helped my family and me tremendously financially. I am so proud to be a Monash student."

Abigail Lim Siu Mae, Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences
Nationality: Malaysian

"One of my biggest concerns about an online semester was the logistics of managing group work. However, my lecturers have been wonderfully accommodating, making thoughtful changes to our assignments in light of our online learning challenges. Additionally, as we near the end of the semester, my exhausted brain can attest to the fact that I’ve learned just as much throughout this online semester as I have from previous in-person semesters. The learning activities might have changed, but the quality of education remains the same. A huge thank-you to all the lecturers working round the clock to make this semester a fruitful yet manageable experience for us!"

Tiffany Nassiri-Ansari, Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences
Nationality: Malaysian

"I have benefited most from the recorded lecture videos in each unit. Honestly, I’m just not a morning person. Therefore, the lecture videos that are permanently uploaded have brought so much convenience to me as I can access them at my own leisure. Secondly, if I have difficulty in understanding certain parts of the lecture content, I could always pause them to google up for more information. It allows me to digest all of the lecture content and also make proper lecture notes. Lastly, I can do revision for class quizzes by viewing the lecture videos again; allowing me to score better results."

Evelyn Tan Yun Shin, Bachelor of Arts & Social Sciences
Nationality: Malaysian

"I think online courses allow me to have full control over my own learning and makes me able to work at my own speed. However, I might be able to move faster through areas of the course I feel comfortable with, but slower through the other lessons, and that's where I can spend more time on."

Ken Hubert Osman, Bachelor of Digital Media and Communication
Nationality: Indonesian

"Since our online learning has come to Week 9, the overall experience is quite nice. But different from our on-campus learning, online learning gave us a more flexible time to arrange our own schedule and of course, Zoom meetings are scheduled by lecturers and tutors, so we don't need to worry about our progress. And because we can't have face-to-face classes, email or Zoom is the only way that we can consult with lecturers or discuss with friends, and it actually makes us more effective! I would like to thank all the SASS lecturers, tutors, and staff who always reply to our messages promptly. Thank you!"

Foo Sing Yie, Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences
Nationality: Malaysian

"I’d like to start by saying that I’m extremely grateful to all my lecturers and tutors for the swift manner in which they adapted to these unprecedented circumstances, therefore inspiring us students to do the same. There were certain aspects of my assignments that involved physical equipment and hands-on training but all of those have been replaced in a relevant way so as to engage and challenge us with the software skills required in times like this. I find it easier to reach the faculty as all my lecturers and tutors are now just one zoom call away. Overall, I personally believe that my experience with online learning this semester has prepared me cohesively as we move from a physical world to a virtual one."

Akriti Sethi, Bachelor of Digital Media and Communication
Nationality: Indian

"Aspects that I find valuable in SASS is the face-to-face zoom's session with lecture, she/he gave me a focus on what I need to do to keep up with my study's progress. Moodle is convenient. It's easy to access our timetable and learning materials and therefore to keep up during a hectic and stressful time of quarantine. SASS helps with the online learning experience, keep it up!"

Nadhifa Saraswati Prasetyo, Master of Communications and Media Studies
Nationality: Indonesian

"Online learning has taught me how to do all my work online. Looking at how technology is advancing these days, knowing how to work online has become a necessity since there are many potential opportunities for earning by working online. Courses like Academic Literacies helped me improve my writing skills which are useful for research writing and online content writing jobs." 

Hibah, Diploma of Higher Education Studies
Nationality: Pakistani