Understanding the world through social, political and cultural lenses

The main reason why I chose Communication as my major is because this field is very prevalent in our day-to-day lives. Advancements in communication technologies have enabled us to get in touch with anyone around the world at any given time. Therefore, it is important to be able to understand the impact that these advancements have on the matters around us. From this course, I have learnt how to think critically in the digital environment in order to make sense of the abundance of information that we are constantly exposed to on a daily basis. Furthermore, I have gained the tools to understand the things that are going on in the world through social, political and cultural lenses.

For me, the highlight of this major is its emphasis on building a strong foundation in media theories and concepts so that students are able to apply them to real-world events. It’s interesting to see how these theories can be applied to things that are happening on the news or on social media. Whether it is ordering food from an app, the social media that we use to pass the time or even our preferred news outlet, the theories that I have learnt while studying Communications can be applied to almost anything and doing so can provide a clearer perspective. This course also focuses on the transition from traditional media towards new media platforms and how these changes can complicate the ways that we use the media. Communication technologies have become such an integral part of our lives and they evolve at such a rapid pace, so it is important that we not only adapt to their changes but also be mindful of their effect on us as well.

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new norm that necessitates social distancing, and people have turned to the digital sphere as a way to adapt to these changes. Because of this, the usage of communication technologies has increased drastically and the time that people spend online is greater than ever. Studying Communications has provided me with the skills to navigate what I’m seeing online during this period in order to prevent misinformation.

One of the things that I really valued while studying in the School of Arts and Social Sciences is their Workplace Learning Internship unit. I was very grateful to have the opportunity to gather working experience and build my resume (while still getting credit points at the same time). What stuck out to me the most about this unit was that I was not required to find an internship placement that was directly related to my major. I felt that it really gave me the chance to get creative and explore the potential career options that my degree would lead me to.

Another experience that I enjoyed during my time in SASS was being able to go for a semester abroad to Hawai’i. The Course Management Office in SASS is extremely helpful and the staff members guided me throughout the entire application process. Being able to spend one semester in another place really helped expand my view on so many things by experiencing different cultures and ways of life. I am really grateful that SASS allowed a lot of room for flexibility in terms of arranging my units in order to make going on the exchange program possible.

Career-wise, my major in Communications has equipped me with the knowledge and skills that I can transfer across different jobs and industries. As a fresh graduate, I have been able to gather work experience from a variety of industries such as eCommerce, Hiring and Public Relations. I was even able to teach abroad in Taiwan right after I completed my degree. The most valuable thing about this major is how much space it allows one to be flexible in one’s career choices. Currently, I am pursuing my Honours degree and writing my dissertation so my career plans, for now, are in academia. My career pathway, for now, is not a straight line and I am always excited to explore the other career options that my major has made possible for me.