Monash Arts and Social Sciences Contest in Sri Lanka

The School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) at Monash University Malaysia and International Scholar Educational Services Pvt Ltd, will host the Monash Arts and Social Sciences Contest on October 27, 2018 for Pre-University/A-Levels/Foundation students in Sri Lanka. This contest will include a team challenge and an individual challenge. All students will participate in both challenges of the contest. The contestant who accumulate the most points from both challenges will be the winner.

Challenge 1: Film Pitch

Students will be separated into groups.

  • They will be given three things: a prop, a genre and a line of dialogue. These will be different for each group and will be distributed to groups at random.
  • All groups will be given thirty minutes to develop their pitch. They need to give an overview of the film's story and main characters, as well as any other details they may want to provide (e.g. the film's themes, its visual style, key scenes).
  • As part of their pitch, each group must use the prop, genre and line of dialogue that they have been given.
  • They will be required to give a 3-5 minute pitch for their film.
  • A group of judges will decide which is the best idea

Challenge 2: Trivia Time: Who Knows Everything?

  • This is an individual challenge
  • Answer 50 multiple choice questions in 12 minutes and 30 seconds. The game will be played on an identified live responsive app.
  • The questions will be general knowledge in the areas of media/communications, world politics, gender issues, art & literature, and film. These categories correspond to the majors that SASS offers.
  • A student will require a smartphone with an active internet connection to participate.
  • The scores from this round will be accumulated to determine the winner.


The Monash Arts and Social Sciences Contest is open to Pre-University/A-Levels/Foundation students in Sri Lanka. All contest participants must bring their own mobile devices.


To be eligible for the contest, the student must pre-register by Friday, October 5th, 2018 sending their RSVP to

In the event of overwhelming participant response, the organiser reserves the right to cease the participant registrations. Late registrations will also not be entertained.

Judging Criteria:

Students will be judged on their knowledge, their creativity, formulation of cogent arguments and their ability `to effectively communicate their ideas.

Winner Selection/Condition of winners:

The top accumulated points from both challenges will be awarded the winner. All judges’ decisions are final. The Organiser reserves the right to amend, terminate or add on to the terms and conditions at any time by placing a notice at the relevant website or any designated area.

The winners agree to allow Monash University Malaysia and its advertising and promotional agencies to publish his/her name and/or photographs and/or participating pictures and/or videos or any parts thereof without further compensation and notice.


First prize: LKR 40,000
Second prize: LKR 30,000
Third Prize: LKR 20,000