Nasi Bungkus Cinema : My Digital Stories

To screen the short films made by the students enrolled in the second-year Film, Television and Screen Studies Unit, AMU2146 Digital Screens during the filmmaking workshop, taking place on 13 April 2019.

The alternative film screening programme Nasi Bungkus Cinema, hosted by the School of Arts and Social Sciences,returns for the second time this semester on Tuesday 14 May 2018 at 12pm-1.30pm at the Porch, Monash University Malaysia.

Screening of MY Digital Stories
In presence of the filmmakers

MY Digital Stories is a program of short films made by students enrolled in the AMU2146 Digital Screens Unit, and the outcome of the hands-on, practical workshop on short form and digital content creation. In this filmmaking workshop led by external film industry professionals, the students learnt about cinematic language, post-production techniques and online exhibition strategies.

So,come along, watch some exciting new shorts during lunchtime and explore what it means to be digital through student eyes!

Duration: approx. 25min (on a loop)

For more information please see the Nasi Bungkus Cinema Facebook page: Alternatively, you can email Dr Ana Grgic (