SASS 10th Anniversary Documentary Film Competition

Eligibility: This competition is open to all SASS students in Monash University Malaysia.

Title: Civil Society Activism in Malaysia Baru

A) Awards for 5 Winning Proposals (RM1500 each for production cost – Deadline for proposal submission: Wednesday, August 15th, 10am, 2018.

B) Awards for Best Film, Best Original Story, Best Technical Production (Will be awarded on December 1st, 2018)

(Note: The school will provide film gear which includes video cameras, tripods, lights, audio recording equipment, and a drone, and this is provided free, outside of the production budget)

Step 1: Write a one to two page film proposal which includes the following:

1. Working title

2. A brief synopsis (What is the story about in a nutshell)

3. Motivation for doing this story (Why is it so important or interesting?)

4. Accessibility (of characters, locations, etc) – how will you access the interviewees, the locations you need to film to make your story? (How will you make it happen?)

5. Estimated timeline: Research and set-up interviews etc, Production time (the shoot),

Post-production time (editing and output)

(Note: participants are encouraged to come to Workshop I (August 11th), to discuss story ideas and how to write the proposal, or feel free to make an appointment with filmmaker-in-residence to discuss)

Proposals will be judged based on:

1. Relevance of the story to the Title

2. Creativity and Originality of the Story

3.  Accessibility and Executability of the Proposal within the timeframe and budget.

Deadline for proposal submission: Wednesday, August 15th, 2018 (10am)

Announcement of winning proposals: Friday, August 17th, 2018

Step 2: Attend workshops (all winners are required to attend at least two workshops or awards will be forfeited)

Workshop I – Saturday, August 11th (Pre-production and basics of Production, including conceptualising story idea, how to write a synopsis, proposal, and timeline)

Workshop II – Saturday, August 25th (Practical skills of Production – how to shoot, what to shoot, framing, lighting, audio, interview skills, logging)

Workshop III – Saturday, September 1st (Post-Production – scripting from visuals and logs, basics of editing)

Workshop IV – Saturday, September 15th (Editing, practical)

Step 3: Go out and shoot, produce (August 12th to November 13th). Deliver your completed films on time – Tuesday, November 13th (5 pm)

Step 4: Attend the 10th Year Anniversary of Monash University Malaysia Dinner

Gala – Saturday, December 1st, 2018 – where Best Films Awards will be announced, winning films will be screened on the day as well as loaded on Monash University website and prizes given.

Any questions, please ask:
Jules Rahman Ong
Mob: 012 5454961
fB: Monash Fimmaker-In-Residence.
Building 2, Level 6, Room 42A