PhD Studentship (Dr. Cheow Yuen Lin)

Project Title: Silver N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) complexes as potential antibacterial and cytotoxic agents

Description of the project:

The application of silver as an antimicrobial agent can be dated back to ancient times. Silver nitrate was recognized as antiseptic in wound care for more than 200 years. In the past, silver nitrate eye drops were given to newborn babies to inhibit eye infections. Following the discovery of penicillin and other new antibiotics, silver compounds have been mostly replaced. The resurgence of silver antibiotics came with the discovery of silver sulfadiazine by Fox . Silver sulfadiazine has been found to be active against numerous gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and is marketed as a water soluble cream SilvadeneR Cream 1%2. It remains as one of the most effective and widely used for topical burn remedy. Therefore, we would like to explore the efficiency of other types of silver compounds as antimicrobial agents. Our proposed complexes incorporate a hybrid pyridine functionalized NHC, a chiral backbone and a medium chain alkyl group. We believe this project allows us to establish the structure activity relationship and is also part of the on-going effort to discover new potent antimicrobial drugs. The project covers research areas in synthetic (in)organic chemistry and biological assay (antimicrobial and cell cytotoxicity).


Malaysian with a relevant degree for admission into Monash University’s PhD program. At least a degree of BSc with First Class Honours or a degree of MSc in Chemistry/ Medicinal Chemistry/ Pharmacy/ Pharmaceutical Science.

To apply:

Send your Cover Letter and Resume to: Dr. Cheow (

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