MSc studentship (Dr. Lee Wai Leng)

Project Title: Study of cancer-derived exosomes in urine using IR spectroscopy for development of prostate cancer diagnostic test

Description of the project:

Among a variety of cell-derived vesicles, exosomes are microvesicles released from various cell types into the extracellular space for intercellular communication. These vesicles were reported to serve as vehicles for intercellular transfer of genetic material (mRNA, miRNA) or proteins. Lately, these vesicles were found to play significant role in cancer development and have emerged as a novel source of non-invasive cancer biomarkers given that cancer-specific molecules were identified in the exosomes isolated from biological fluids such as urine, saliva, blood and breast milk. In this project, we suggest to detect unique molecule profiles of prostate cancer-derived urinary exosomes and compare these to exosomes isolated from normal individuals using Attenuated Total Reflection Fourier Transform Infrared (ATR-FTIR) and AFM-nano-IR spectroscopy. The use of spectroscopic based approaches is a totally novel approach in characterizing the molecular phenotype of the exosome. The spectroscopic method developed from this proposed project is expected to be used in development of a non-invasive urine test for early diagnosis of prostate cancer. The technology is anticipated to improve the healthcare of cancer patients in Malaysia.


The candidate should hold a B.Sc (Hons) degree and MUST be a Malaysian citizen in order to be eligible for stipend support.Strong preference will be given to applicants with proven expertise in molecular biology/genetics who are highly motivated and proven to work independently with minimal supervision.

To apply:

To apply, please email your CV and 2 letters of references (at least one must be from an immediate supervisor) explicitly addressing the criteria above. Only qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule for an interview.


For MSc and English requirements, please refer to this link.