PhD/MSc studentship (Dr. Song Beng Kah)

Project Title: Population genetics and contemporary evolution of Malaysian weedy rice

Description of the project:

Weedy rice is a conspecific form of cultivated rice (Oryza sativa L.) that infests rice production areas worldwide. Notorious for its easy-shattering and seed dormancy biotypes, it competes aggressively with cultivated rice, reducing yields in rice fields and contaminating harvests with its undesirable grains. As part of a collaborative research between Monash University Malaysia and other international universities, this project employs a combination of whole genome sequencing, enriched target sequencing and biochemical assays, for assessments of weedy rice ongoing evolution and origin. Our previous work provided evidences that wild and domesticated populations contribute to the evolution of Malaysian weedy rice, with introgression of adaptive alleles a likely component of this process (Song et al. 2014, Molecular Ecology 23; Sudianto et al. 2016, Weed Science 64; Cui et al. 2016, G3:Genes|Genomes|Genetics 6). Particularly, this project aims to examine allelic variation at genome level, mutation in domestication genes, and changes in agronomic and domestication traits of weedy rice. A further exploration into the evolutionary mechanisms underlying weedy rice phenotypic adaptations would ultimately lead to improved knowledge of the weedy rice control management in Malaysia.


The candidate should hold a B.Sc (Hons) degree and MUST be a Malaysian citizen in order to be eligible for stipend support.Strong preference will be given to applicants with proven expertise in molecular biology/genetics who are highly motivated and proven to work independently with minimal supervision.

To apply:

To apply, please email your CV and 2 letters of references (at least one must be from an immediate supervisor) explicitly addressing the criteria above. Only qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule for an interview.


For PhD and English requirements, please refer to this link: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

For MSc and English requirements, please refer to this link: Master of Science (MSc)