Commencing students for July intake 2018

Welcome to School of Science!

On this webpage you will find information about getting started at Monash, the enrolment process, course requirements and many other information that you should know before you start your course at Monash.

The enrolment steps start here.

Step 1: Create your computer account

To set up your Monash account you need your Monash ID. This is in your offer letter. Make sure you record your Monash student ID and username.

Create your Monash account

For any problems creating an account, contact the Service Desk for help.

Step 2: Register your details

Using your Monash account, you can now login to register your details in the enrolment system. In this step you will work your way through the Enrolment Summary screen to:

- Update your contact information

- Fill out the enrolment questionnaire

Be sure to record the transaction number generated by the system as it is needed for your student ID card photo session.

Step 3: Attend orientation events

Orientation week will start from 16-20 July 2018. Click here for details of the orientation program.

It is important to attend the Course Advice Session on campus to complete your enrolment. It is recommended that you understand your course structure before enrolment is done.

Check your course information

Step 4: Enrol in units

Staff will help you to enrol in units. You are required to submit your Course Enrolment Form to School of Science staff after you have attended the Course Advice Session.

How do I know when I am enrolled?

You know you are enrolled when you see units shown as ENROLLED in the system. Congratulations, if you have completed all previous steps, you are now enrolled at Monash University Malaysia.

Step 5: Additional enrolment tasks

You may now proceed to:

- Student Services counter to obtain your student ID card (located at Building 2, Level 2)

- Create your personal semester class timetable in Allocate+

Start creating your timetable

When you log in, you'll see a list of your units on the left-hand side. Each unit has activities underneath (lecture, tutorial, etc). It is these activities that you need to allocate preferred class times. If you see ‘Auto allocated’ this means there was only one time for the class.

Multi-part classes - - Some classes are repeated at various times during the week, but others have parts and you need to attend each part.

Example - class with two parts you must attend each week

If a class is broken into parts, it will appear with the part numbers P1, P2 and so on, as shown below. If you choose Lecture 01 and once you have been allocated, you will attend Lecture/01-P1 and Lecture/01-P2 each week.


Example - repeated class you attend once each week

If the same class is repeated during the week, it will appear with the numbers 01, 02 and so on, as shown below. Each week you attend either Tutorial/01 or Tutorial/02 or Tutorial/03 or Tutorial/04. Enter your preferences for the class times that suit you most and once you have been allocated a class, you will attend it (Tutorial/01 for example), each week.


If you have any questions regarding enrolment matter, please do not hesitate to contact us at .