Third year research project

The Science Research Project unit gives an opportunity to undergraduate students to carry out individual research in a discipline relating to your area of study. You will learn experimental designs, research techniques, data analysis and critical literature review through the project with experienced research staff. The research skills you gain will assist you to decide whether you will continue your passion to research degree or straight to the workplace.

The SCI3990 Science in action research project is offered every semester (Semester 1, 2 and Summer). The contact hours are approximately 12 hours per week. You must maintain regular contact with your supervisor and unit coordinator.

Procedures to enrol to SCI3990 Science in action research project:

Step 1:  Review the list of topics available (Research project titles available for Semester 2, 2018)*updated 18/4/18

Step 2:  Complete the "Permission to enrol in a Science Research Project/Special Topics Unit" form.

Step 3: Make an appointment to meet potential supervisors and unit coordinator for approval. Please attach a copy of your unofficial academic record, which can be downloaded from WES, with the form.

Step 4: Submit the completed form (with approval) to School of Science Course Management Office for enrolment.

Unit Coordinators:

Semester One and Summer semester : Dr. Thoo Yin Yin
Email address ~
Office ~ Room 4-8-42 (Building 4, Level 8)

Semester Two : Dr. Lee Wai Leng
Email address ~
Office ~ Room 4-8-37 (Building 4, Level 8)