Unit offering (2019)

Schedule of Units for 2019

Note: Subject to change

No.Unit codeUnit Title 
1 BIO1011 Blueprints for life
2 BIO1062 Biology 2
3 BIO2810 Tropical ecology
4 BIO3800 Tropical environmental management
5 BIO3810 Tropical aquatic biology
6 BTH1802 Fundamentals of biotechnology
7 BTH2741 Biochemistry 
8 BTH2820 Crop science
9 BTH2830 Fundamentals of microbiology 
10 BTH3732 Environmental microbiology
11 BTH3741 Medical cell biology 
12 CHM1051 Chemistry 1 advanced
13 CHM1052 Chemistry 2 advanced
14 CHM2911 Inorganic and organic chemistry
15 CHM3930 Medicinal chemistry
16  FST1800 Fundamentals of food and sensory science
17FST1911Introduction to nutrition
18FST3711 Food and industrial microbiology (formerly known as BTH3711)
19FST3820 Food preservation
20GEN2041 Foundation of genetics
21GEN3051 Medical and forensic genetics 
22HUP3810 Principles of pathology 1
23PHA3800 Fundamentals of toxicology 
24PHA3801 Principles of pharmacology
25PHY2810 Physiology of human body systems
26SCI1020Introduction to statistical reasoning
27SCI2010 Scientific practice and communication
28SCI3716 Laboratory and workplace management
29SCI3990 Science in action research project (Remarks: Enrolment via WES is not available. Manual enrolment is required.)
No.Unit CodeUnit Title
1 ANT1800 Introduction to anatomy and medical terminology
2 BIO1022 Life on earth
3 BIO3820 Tropical terrestrial biology (Remarks: Enrolment via WES is not available. Manual enrolment is required.)
4 BTH1802 Fundamentals of biotechnology
5 BTH2732 Recombinant DNA technology
6 BTH2752 Cellular metabolism
7 BTH3722 Medical microbiology
8 BTH3752 Molecular biology and biotechnology
9 BTH3820 Plant biotechnology
10 CHM1051 Chemistry 1 advanced
11 CHM1052 Chemistry 2 advanced
12 CHM2922 Spectroscopy and analytical chemistry
13 CHM2962 Food chemistry
14 CHM3922 Advanced organic chemistry
15 ENV1800 Environmental science: A Southeast Asian perspective
16 ENV2726 Ecosystems and bioresources
17 FST2810 Food bioprocess technology
18FST3810 Human nutrition
19FST3830 Functional foods
20 FST3840 Food processing
21 FST3850 Food product development 
22 GEN2052 Genomics and populations genetics 
23 GEN3040 Genomics and its applications
24 HUP3820 Principles of pathology 2
25 IMM3802 Essentials of applied immunology
26 PHY2820 Physiology of human health
27 SCI1020 Introduction of statistical reasoning
28SCI2010 Scientific practice and communication
29SCI3990 Science in action research project (Remarks: Enrolment via WES is not available. Manual enrolment is required.)
30STA2216 Data analysis for science


*Enrolment via WES is not available. Manual enrolment is required)

No.Unit CodeUnit Title
1 FST3800 Food science internship  
2 MBS3800 Medical bioscience internship
3 SCI1800 The sustainable planet 
4 SCI3800 Science internship
5 SCI3990 Science in action research project

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