FAQs - Internship

Which internship unit can I do?

It depends on which course you are currently enrolled in. You will be required to undertake:

  • FST3800 Food science internship if you are a Bachelor of Food Science and Technology student; or
  • MBS3800 Medical bioscience internship if you are a Bachelor of Medical Bioscience student; or
  • SCI3800 Science internship if this unit helps and allows you to meet the requirements of your Bachelor of Science.

How do I apply?

You are required to attend the internship briefing information in your second year and your unit coordinator will brief you on the application process.

Where can I get help in writing resume and/or cover letter?

Resume and cover letter resources are available here. You are strongly encouraged to contact Ms. Santhana from Career Centre at Building 2 Level 2 for further assistance.

How long is the internship duration?

Minimum 8 weeks.

What do I do once I have received an offer letter from the company?

Please provide a copy of the offer letter to your unit coordinator and Course Management Office. You will then be advised on the enrolment process for the internship unit.

What are the assessment requirements for internship unit?

Please refer to Monash handbook:

How do I submit weekly log book and project report? When is the presentation?

You will be briefed on the details during the Internship Briefing Session. You will be notified to attend the briefing session via email once it is confirmed.