SCI3800 Science Internship

The internship gives you the opportunity to apply your university learning to the work place, providing you with the experience in tailoring your academic-based learning to the needs of an industry-based partner, and to network with potential employers. This will prepare you for work or professional practice by integrating theoretical knowledge with practice. You will learn about the process of applying for employment and good workplace practice. The internship will generally take place during the summer break (8-12 weeks), commencing middle of November and ending in January.

Unit Coordinator

Dr Lee Wai Leng 


At least 96 credit points or with permission of the Head of Discipline.

How to apply

  1. Complete Expression of Interest (EOI) form and return the completed form to the School of Science Course Management Office by Friday, 14 September 2018. [EOI form is available at Webdrive or Course Management Office.]
  2. You will receive a notification email from the Course Management Office (within 5 days).
  3. Apply to companies as approved by the unit coordinator. Email to if you require a supporting letter. Please provide the company name and full address.
  4. A pre-departure briefing will be arranged to students that will be participating in the internship program.

Note: Once you are offered a place for the internship, provide a copy of the internship offer letter to the Course Management Office latest by Friday 2 November 2018 and enrol manually to SCI3800. The internship period is between 19 November 2018 to 31 January 2019. The oral presentation will be conducted on 11 February 2019. Please read more about the assessments and requirements here.


Information provided by applicants are collected for the primary purpose of applying for the Science internship. The information provided by the applicants may also be provided to designated company representatives.

Workplace conduct

You are expected to represent Monash University in a manner that does not compromise the integrity, reputation or relationship of the University and the School of Science with the participating companies, in any way. You must:

- conduct yourself in a professional manner;

- ensure you are present, punctual, and ready to work at the beginning of each day, or at a time arranged by your internship supervisor;

- dress appropriately for the workplace and the type of work being undertaken;- follow directions as given by the internship supervisor;

- diligently keeps a weekly journal (log book) on activities conducted

- be prepared and committed to delivering a presentation and submitting a project report at the end of the internship period (assessment requirement)- immediately advise the participating company and Monash University if any issue or concern arises in the workplace;

- immediately advise the participating company and Monash University of any accident or incident in the workplace;

- advise the participating company if you suffer from a medical condition or disability that may affect your work performance; and

- maintain communication with Monash University.

Contact us

Dr Lee Wai Leng
SCI3800 Unit Coordinator
T: +603 5514 6098
Course Management Office
School of Science
T: +603 5514 6186 / 6120

Career development and support

If you need help to get your resume or cover letters for internship checked, please contact the Career Center.

Ms Santhanaletchumi Rajmohan 
Assistant Manager
T: +603 5514 6038
F: +603 5514 6037