FAQs - Summer semester

Summer Semester

What are the units offered by the School of Science in this summer semester?

We offer 5 units in this summer semester:

I am not a science student. Which unit can I enrol in?

You may consider SCI1800. You must get approval from your managing school before enrolling in SCI1800.

When can I enrol in the summer unit?

You can commence enrolling in the science summer units from 3 September 2018.

How to apply? Can I enrol online?

Web enrolment for summer semester is not available; all enrolments must be done manually at the School of Science Course Management Office (Building 4 Level 8). Please click here for information on how to apply to do a science summer unit.

Where can I get the timetable for SCI1800?

It is available on the School of Science website, click here!

How much will it cost?

Use the fee calculator to find out how much you need to pay for the enrolled summer unit.

Do I need to allocate my summer unit timetable via Allocate+?

No, you don’t need to except for SCI1800. For SCI1800, you will receive an email before the the lecture starts in late November asking you to select your tutorial slot on Allocate+. The lectuer timetable is the same for everyone.