Enrol in units

Each particular science course consists of core and elective units and has its own course requirements (rules). Before you start the process of enrolling in units, you are strongly encouraged to familiarize yourself with the structure of your science course. Details of the course requirements are available in the handbook.

Note: If you are enrolled in Bachelor of Science (Honours), Course Management Office has enrolled you in the units related to your discipline. Please refer to Moodle for more announcement.

We have prepared a course map to assist you in your unit enrolment process.

If you are commencing your course in March:

  • You enrol in eight units per year, i.e. 4 units in semester one and 4 units in semester two (48 credit points).

If you are commencing your course in July or October:

  • You only need to enrol in 4 units for the semester you join.

When choosing an elective, you need to make sure it helps you to meet the requirements of your course as stated in the handbook. Some of your electives MUST be science units. Some can come from areas outside the School of Science. Click here to see the list of units offered by the School of Science. You can choose any units from that list as your electives as long as you meet the prerequisites and corequisites for the chosen units and they are not your core units of your course. Keep in mind that you need to enrol in the right units to satisfy the General Studies requirements too.

You are allowed to change your units after you have clicked the SUBMIT ENROLMENT button on the Web Enrolment System (WES), up until the end of the second week of the semester. If you require further assistance selecting your units please contact us at scienceinquiries.my@monash.edu.

While the staff of School of Science will endeavor to give every possible assistance and advice concerning your course, it is your responsibility to ensure that you understand and meet the requirements for the course in which you are enrolled. Do come and see us at the CMO if you need advice.

After you have enrolled, you can login to Allocate+ and choose your class times. Please return to Let’s begin for more information about this!