Please describe your experience with SCI3990.

My summer SCl3990 experience was highly educational as I managed to put the skills and knowledge obtained during the degree into practice, as well as to acquire a more comprehensive understanding of research and different fields of study. Taking the unit in summer allowed me to spend long hours in lab and work on my research without having to worry about much else. This priceless experience was made possible by the guidance and contentious effort from my supervisor Prof. Sadeq, as well as the graduate students who do not hesitate to help. The facilities were mostly adequate for the purposes of this unit.

What qualities did you acquire after completing SCI3990?

SCl3990 challenged my critical thinking and practical skills, and helped me develop more comprehensive research skills. This unit also granted the chance to acquaint myself with a field of studies I only had a general understanding about.

Would you encourage other current students to enrol into SCI3990? Why?

I would, as the unit offers the chance to practice a range of skills and improve before the end of the degree.