Better Teaching Better Learning Education Grant Recipients

Monash University Malaysia has recently awarded Dr. Jasmine Hue Seow Mun and Prof. Sadequr Rahman education grants through their Better Teaching Better Learning (BTBL) Education Grant Scheme - Round Two 2016.
Dr. Hue's project entitled "Gamification in learning and teaching of biotechnology subject" aims to enhance students' learning experience especially for Biotechnology unit by designing and creating games that allow students to learn, engage, interact and compete with their peers at the same time. Her team, which includes Dr. Shaun Lee (School of Pharmacy) and Mr. Fadhliyansah Saipul (Education Management) strongly believe that gamification is the future of learning Science and can lead to increase productivity and experience. 
Prof. Sadequr's project entitled "A Linux Learning Module (LLM) for big data analyses and bioinformatics - an on-line approach" is a joint project with Dr. Sylvester Orimaye (School of Information Technology), Dr. Ghislaine Lewis (School of Arts and Social Sciences), Prof. Daniel Reidpath (Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences), A/Prof. Edwin Tan (School of Engineering), Dr. Gan Han Ming (School of Science), Prof. Chris Austin (School of Science) and A/Prof. Santha Vaithilingam (School of Business). They intend to use the grant to develop online instruction manual for gaining competence in using Linux, which is necessary for handling big data. Specialised modules, which will be available as videos, will enable the students to understand the various procedures in generating and interpreting the data obtained for different specialisations such as genomics, public health and epidemiology, business analytics, engineering data etc.