Famelab Finalist

Congratulations to Dr. Jasmine Hue Seow Mun who made it to the National Finals of Famelab. Famelab, in partnership with the British Council, is an initiative that gives a platform to young adults to share a scientific concept to a general audience in just three minutes. 

Jasmine came in second runner-up which in itself is a huge achievement given the level of competition.   In her topic “In search of Immortality” Jasmine explained with the aid of props the molecular mechanisms that takes place in all cells that leads to aging and death. Jasmine said that she enjoyed the challenge and through this competition she met with many like-minded scientists.  This competition not only helped her overcome stage fright, but it also improved her communication skills through the workshops she was invited to attend.  She said “To me, a good scientist should be able to simplify and deliver complicated science topics to non-scientific audience.” which is what she effortlessly did.