3MT People's Choice Award Winner - Krystle Santiago

Congratulations to Ms. Krystle Santiago for winning the People's Choice Award in the 3MT Competition during the Monash Malaysia campus round!

The title of her presentation is "Partners for life: the fungus-alga love story". Her research is about lichen, which is the combination of fungus and alga. When they are in love, the fungus provides the shelter and protection for the lichen while the alga provides the food. Because of their union, lichens can then produce love products (secondary metabolites) which can be later on be used as antibiotics. These love products cannot be found from any other organisms; only from lichens. However, these love products will only be produced once the fungus unites with alga. In Krystle's PhD research, she will explore more of these unique love products as sources of new antibiotics, since the existing antibiotics are becoming less effective to many diseases.

Krystle with her supervisor, A/Prof. Adeline Ting