Congratulations 2017 PVC Award winner - Dr. Joash Tan Ban Lee

Plant-based foods have generally been associated with a healthier living lifestyle in large part due to the bioactive phytochemicals present in them.

Dr. Joash Tan, whose predominant research interest is in studying phytochemicals, is determined to identify the extracts and compounds that display desirable properties such as antimicrobial, antidiabetic, anticancer, and antioxidant activity.  In addition, he is also interested in their application in food (e.g. natural colourants and functional foods) and construction industry (e.g. organic corrosion inhibitors).

Throughout his works, he has shown strong passion and dedication which eventually garnered him the 2017 PVC Award for Excellence in Research (Early Career category) despite just starting his career.

Monash wishes to congratulate him once again for all the hard work and astonishing results that he has delivered.