Happy 10th Birthday School of Science

It is amazing how a bit of music and dimmer lights can instantly transform the solemn deck link into a nearly unrecognisable place. Even Sunway City’s skyline looked more picturesque than usual from the building’s floor-to-ceiling glass.

What is the fancy setting for, you say? Especially when the study spaces are limited and the students have nowhere else to go to cram for the semester finals? Well, sorry to snitch the place but the School of Science needed it for an equally important occasion – our school’s 10th year anniversary bash!

The date was purposely selected on the 10th of October to correlate with the Chinese word “十全十美 shi quan shi mei” which refers to “perfection”. The thoughtful gesture was to bless the school to further flourish abundantly and also bring good luck to everyone in the glitzy shindig.

It is hard to say that superstitions are nonsense now considering how all staffs went home with gifts from the lucky draw even though the emcees originally announced there to be only 20 winners.

The evening ended on a happy note with a group picture taken at the rooftop garden. The gathering may have been short but it definitely would be a fond memory for all when we recall the year two thousand and eighteen.

Professor Andrew Walker (President and Pro Vice Chancellor), Associate Professor Emily Goh (Head, School of Science), Mr. Ong Pang Yen (Executive Director), Mr. Lucas Tong (Financial Controller)

The School of Science family