Kitchen Chemistry Workshop at St Joseph Private Secondary School, Kuching

Our Food Science and Technology lecturer, Dr. Lee Yee Ying conducted a “kitchen chemistry” workshop for high school students from St Joseph Private Secondary School in Kuching, Sarawak by introducing the science of bread making.

It is an eye-opening experience for the students as she explained the interesting theory behind how the protein (gliadin and glutenin) in flour plays a role in affecting the development of gluten complex which is essential in bread making. In bread making, a well-developed gluten complex produced through the hydration and kneading process of flour is essential as they are responsible to support the air bubbles in baked products which result in voluminous bread.

During the workshop, the students get a hands-on experience in testing out the effect of different types of flour in the development of an elastic gluten complex – Gluten Globe.  We hope that the activity will stir up the interest of students in the field of food science and technology.

Dr. Lee  Yee Ying explaining the bread-making process

Students experimenting with the flour