Sustainability Community Grant Scheme Recipients 2018

In its effort to contribute to sustainable development, Monash University Malaysia has established the MUM Sustainable community grant scheme 2018.

The Scheme will fund research and development (R&D) projects that will enhance the campus and its surrounding community’s (Sunway City) ability to address sustainability issues in a wide range of areas.

Collaborations with staffs from all disciplines were strongly encouraged so that the subject can be considered from different perspectives.

This year, the university concluded two teams headed by our researchers from School of Science. Please join us as we congratulate the awardees:

1. Dr Foo Su Chern, Prof Sadequr Rahman, Dr Yek Sze Huei from School of Science alongside colleagues A/Prof Chong Meng Nan, Dr Saman Illankoon, Dr Ooi Chien Wei from School of Engineering; Dr Wong Zhi Hoong from School of Arts and Social Sciences; A/Prof Motoki Watabe from School of Business & Neurobusiness lab and A/Prof Tam Cai Lian from Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences for their project on “Monash-Sunway Decarbonization Initiative: Microalgae Farming and Native Tree Planting”.

“Monash-Sunway Decarbonization initiative: Microalgae Farming and native Tree Planting” aims to create a better livable environment for growing Sunway population. To achieve this, the project will start from Monash University with the implementation of carbon sinks. The project is expected to see an increase in urban biodiversity, better work productivity caused by improved air quality and knowledge expansion for research and teaching through data findings.

2. A/Prof Qasim Ayub, A/Prof Lee Sui Mae, Dr Yek Sze Huei, Prof Sadequr Rahman from School of Science with colleagues A/Prof Teh Pei Lee, Prof Pervaiz K Ahmed, A/Prof Motoki Watabe, A/Prof Daniel Prajogo (Monash Australia) from School of Business; Prof Mohamed Shajahan Yasin, Dr Deepa Alex from Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences; A/Prof Shaun Lee Wen Huey from School of Pharmacy; A/Prof Tan Chee Pin, Dr Vineetha Kalavally, Dr Susilawati from School of Engineering and partners from Sunway Medical Centre – Ms Joyce Sun Tong Joo, Dr Wong Chieh Lee, Dr Norziha Xainul Abidin and Dr Chow Yock Ping for their project on “Aging and Urban Mobility in Bandar Sunway: a holistic approach”.

"Aging and urban mobility in Bandar Sunway: a holistic approach” studies individuals aged 50 or above in Bandar Sunway and its vicinity through targeted questionnaires, in-depth interviews and groups. The purpose is to detect key environmental and genetic factors that affect their health and longevity, as well as identifying gaps in urban mobility and transportation for the elderly residents of the area.

Through little imprints on Earth, Monash hopes that it can bring awareness to society about the importance of preserving the environment while making an impact in creating a sustainable community.

A huge thanks to all the applicants for their overwhelming support on community-led sustainable initiatives for a better environment.