Sustainable Community Grant Scheme 2018

This is a grant initiated by Monash University Malaysia and the Sunway Group of Companies with the aim to collaborate and do research and development projects that care for the environment and promote community- led sustainable initiatives. The duration of the project is for 24 months within which the expected outcomes have to be achieved. A project titled “Bandar Sunway- “River of Sustainability” from the school was one of the projects that was awarded the grant.   This project is to study the profile of river ecosystem, regulating pollutants with SMART system, beautifying the river and impact of health and future developments. The aim is to revitalize the rivers from their current status into clean rivers that can support recreational activities with vibrant and liveable waterfronts and increase the economic value of its surroundings.

Congratulations  to A/Prof. Emily Goh, A/Prof. Adeline Ting, Prof. Sunil K Lal and  Dr Mahaletchumy Arujanan (MABIC) who are all part of this project.