3MT School-level Winner - Mah Wee Li

24 April 2019

Congratulations to Mah Wee Li for winning the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) 2019 competition at the School level. His presentation is entitled “Fighting cancer with coinage metals”.

Wee Li is supervised by Dr Cheow Yuen Lin and his research is about the discovery of new compounds bearing silver or copper elements, which could potentially be the next anticancer drug options. This research hopes to discover this possibility due to the emergence of drug resistance in cancers; in which cisplatin – a commonly used anticancer drug is no longer as effective as before. Therefore, new drug discoveries play a vital role to overcome this current development. In Wee Li’s PhD research, he will synthesize a series of novel metal carbene compounds bearing silver or copper to evaluate their anticancer activities.

Wee Li will be representing the School of Science at the campus level 3MT competition in May. All the best, Wee Li!

Wee Li with A/Prof Emily Goh